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General News · 10th October 2016
Dancing Wolf
Tidal Wonder

Bubble columns float, up around my boat
as I tie it to the rising dock
the shellfish are blowing as the morning is glowing
sitting still in awe I gawk

at the beauty all around, smell, sight and sound
in this precious little cove we call home
as the tide is returning I am finally learning
that poetry is not really about the poem

not for me at least as the words like yeast
give rise to a greater understanding
of what is true in the here and the now I hold dear
and what will keep this heart expanding

the tide holds more debris than it does usually
but the dance goes on at the bay’s bottom
wonderful to feel each season with zeal
watching summer now falling into autumn

as the sun warms my face I reflect on grace
for that is what allows us to be here
this land of awesome silence, almost void of violence
Cortes you are a blessing I revere

Now please hear me right, it’s not all delight
there is a darkness here that can devour
most of us have addiction so let’s drop the fiction
and work together bringing love to power

Seeing the fish below I surely wish to know
when will I stop trying to capture
the fantasies in my mind that leave my dreams behind
dreams helping me fully realize rapture

As the sea around rises and the raven surprises
the heron perched on my faded canoe
I am grateful for this minute and all the wonder in it
grateful for Community as conscious as you

Dancing Wolf

Sept 24, 2016
DW poetry
Comment by Jason ( on 15th October 2016
I am in awe. That perfectly encapsulated what it is like to be here. Raw and beautiful, the same as it's citizens. Thanks DW!
Thank you
Comment by Lee on 12th October 2016
Thank you, Dancing Wolf, for sharing with us your poem, "Tidal Wonder." The honesty is refreshing and the graciousness inspiring.