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General News · 23rd August 2016
Dianne Hentschel
Sandcastle day is the last in a series of island-wide events requiring a host of
volunteers. This year thirty people came forward to help put on the event. They took care of registration, judging, and running the hot dog stand which provides cash prizes. We are not counting those volunteers who provided pies or worked with May Sherwood at the pie stand for the Whaletown Community Club, those who helped Jan Boas at the ice cream booth for the Rod and Gun club, or Samantha’s Cat Rescue operation.

Setup was done by Gail Ringwood, assisted by Cali Waddell, Joe Grassi, and Jim
Hentschel. Jim, Wilson Baker, Cali, Ray Marttila, and Harry and Gayle Milbank ran the hotdog stand.

Registration was done by Toni Smorodin and Marie. Lynn Marttila assembled the
incorruptible judges: Penny and Claude, Andy Vine and Danielle, Liam and Paul Fornier, Carole Thacker and Diane Daly, Lovena and Jason, and Diana and Ed Safarik. Joe Grassi and Toni Smorodin handed out the prizes. Joe Grassi and Gail Ringwood made and distributed the posters. Gail Ringwood and Dianne Hentschel made notes, called the organizational meeting, and found everyone who knew what to do.

We are especially grateful to Bertha. Cortes Market was event central. She ordered
drinks, ice and hotdogs for the hotdog stand, advertised for us, made copies, and changed our money into small bills, loonies and toonies for the cash prize envelopes.