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by Toni Smorodin
General News · 23rd August 2016
Dianne Hentschel
Sandcastle day registration began slowly. When volunteers set up at nine they were greeted once again with a cold wind and 13 foot tide. It was 10.30 before contestants arrived with rakes and shovels.

As the day warmed up and the tide receded, eighteen imaginative sculptures took shape. It was a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Proceeds from the Cortes Seniors’ hot dog stand provided cash prizes for all the participants. Here are the results.

Kids 6 and under: 1st place:
“Chicken castle” by the Smiths
Florence, Amelia, Claiton, Jordan, and Christa
2nd place: “Cat family” by the Dig-up band. Carol, Melinda and Sierra (unspayed mother cat and two batches of kittens)
3rd place: “Enigma”, a butterfly - (one wing Cortes with yoga room; the other, Mexico City). by the international kids--Marisol, Viktor, and Malik
Tied for 3rd place: the Princess Castle by Claudia

Kids under 14:
1st place: “Rolling in the Deep” by Charlotte Halls and Stevie Meyer
2nd place: “The Sea Queen” by Asha (a throne for her dog, Bella)
3rd place: “Alligator pie” by William, Fergus and Xavier

Castles: 1st place:
“Castle Carcassone” by Rachel, Marty and Sara
2nd place: “Heritage castle” by Nancy Beach

Sea critters:
1st place: “The Chase” by Bonnie and James. Koi chasing each other.
2nd place: “Hank” by Morgan, Brooklyn, Darcy, John and Kelly from northern Alberta
3rd place: “C-Lion” by Alec, Kieren, and Rosie
tied for 3rd: “Seals” by Shirley and Mike. Seals playing in the waves.

Animals: 1st place:

“Toulouse” by Isabel and Megan. An elephant with eyelashes.
2nd place: “Fredward” by David, Maj and Gamble. “No one ever does a hippo.”

1st place: “El Mar Majica” by the Ocean Sea Stars: Davis, Ry, Divyani, Lily, Roturi, Narayan, Elisa and John. Several families create a vision of the magic sea.
2nd place: “The Flying Thing” (milenium falcon from Star Wars attacking the temple of Donald Trump’s hair!) by Heather Islanders: Maanus, Kavi, Pojken, Chaitee, Kevin, Katherine, Dave and Jane.
3rd place: “Island pickers”, a shell studded yin yang by Sasha and Michael from Stichville, Cortes.

Overall Winner: “The Chase” by Bonnie and James.

More photos on Facebook (public page):
by Ester Strijbos
by Ester Strijbos
by Ester Strijbos
by Ester Strijbos
by Ester Strijbos
by Ester Strijbos
by Ester Strijbos
by Ester Strijbos