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General News · 13th August 2016
Once again, Music and Pie Night was a roaring success. We sold out 150 slices of local pie and 14 pizzas!

Thanks to everyone who helped pull it off so well. Even though we still have room for improvement, I think we were at least twice as organized as last year.

Specifically I'd like to thank:

The Heroic Pie-Makers and the Small Army of Volunteer Kitchen Staff:
Megan, Lucy, Mira, Shantima, Isabelle, Noa, and Eric (who voluntarily relegated himself to the dish pit for most of the evening!).

The MC and Sound Men (those who had to put up with my sketchy scheduling, seriously optimistic timing, and faked organizational calm :)
Volker, Eli, Robert, and Francis.

The Farms and Farmers who donated fruit for the pies:
Bluejay Lake Farm, Mike and Donna Manson, and Raven Farm.

The Musicians:
Dominic Allard, ZAZA MAMA, Brian Hoffmann, Leah Seltzer, Just Cuz, Andy Vine and Danielle, Sami, Francesca Belcourt, Hannu Huuskonen, Radhika Raturi, Jemma & Dan, the McKenty Brothers.

The Radiant Co-op and Cafe Staff
Who tolerated such commotion and chaos in their otherwise serene and peaceful workplace. Special apologies go to Lucy for leaving her baking table a sticky mess of blueberry pie filling (sorry Lucy!) and Kali for leaving his oven in a similar state of disrepair (did you know you can fit sixteen pies in that oven at once??)

If you have comments about the evening, feedback on how we can do it better, or would like to be the first one notified when the urge strikes to do it again (or perhaps like to sing your way to the Cortes Hall Of Pie Night Fame) send me an email, note, or a phone call.

Muchas Gracias,
Immanuel McKenty