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General News · 12th August 2016
Richard Trueman
On Wednesday August the 10th Richard Trueman in partnership with Friends of Cortes Island presented a workshop from 1 to 5 PM. This workshop's purpose was to give the applicants tools to create better photographs.

Initially we looked at slides that used the basics of design and composition. We then traveled to Mansons Landing Park and Dock to employ these tools and returned to share and critique our photos to see how these new principles were utilized.

Finally, Richard summed the day up with a slide show on the Quality of Light and a statement and task to take away that would reinforce the purpose of the workshop.

Below is a Click-to-View Slide show showing samples from each participant. Click on a thumbnail to see it bigger, then on the word "next" to see them all. (Each person in the workshop has their first name in the file name.)

To sum up my goal here: It was not to take knock down great pictures, that usually only happens when the light is spectacular and your subject is engaging. But the items for improved pictures are the basic elements, line, shape, and colour. Contrasting them and using repetition, pattern and texture we start to make music from these basic elements. Lastly, how you, divide, and use the space, whether its centered, off center, using the rule of thirds, etc; these help to augment the basic elements and cause the "ordinary" to sing.

To each participant: You let me pick, and I adjusted some with highlight and shadow control, boosted vibrancy a bit, sharpened a bit, and some times cropped a little, but did not have to do too much to your photos because you all did a great job of trying what I asked for. (God love Adobe Lightroom too) So, photograph more and prosper!

Viewers, please accept our humble submissions.