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General News · 7th August 2016
Dan DeCicco
This summer and last summer, around Whaletown Bay/Marina's Shark Spit, my crab trap was emptied on more than one occasion (mid June). I had to give up crabbing for the season(s) because it was so disheartening.

Now, late yesterday evening or early this morning (Aug. 8th), some low-life, mouth breathing, miscreant jerk(s) stole my father’s prawn trap. The buoy, line weight, line, and long line clip were still there but NO TRAP. The line didn't break and wasn't cut. The long line clip, just before the trap, was still attached to the line (see picture for the type of clip). The trap had four individual lines (bowline knots), spread out equally, securing the trap to the clip. Those familiar with this type of line attachment know that it will not come loose unless it is manually compressed and the line physically removed by unthreading the looped bowline knot. The line was fresh, without abrasions, and visually checked prior to being sent down. It is highly unlikely…no improbable…that four individual lines broke off of the clip at the same time.

I have been fishing these waters since 1974 (as a baby a little over a year old and now in my early 40s) and have never had anyone molest or steal traps until this and last year. Regrettably, my or my father’s catch was illegally taken and now a trap stolen.

If a person is starving, I can understand taking a crab or two to feed a family but at least leave a note of thanks and don’t empty out the trap and don’t make it habitual. Stealing a trap outright is not understandable under any circumstances.

I am not angry. I am just sad and disgusted that it has come to this on Cortes. If a person reading this has a trap or traps around Whaletown, I suggest checking them to make sure they are still there. A buoy floating isn’t enough. The trap needs to be pulled. To anyone with a good visual vantage point of the area: Please keep an eye out for suspicious boats or activity and immediately report concerns to the Coast Guard or RCMP on Quadra.

Dan DeCicco