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General News · 26th July 2016
Darshan & Alex
Well, it took a village to pull it off! And it's hard for us to fully take in all that our community has done for us in co-creating our wedding celebration.
Thank you for opening your hearts and offering your helping hands.
We couldn't have done it without our mom's Valerie & Jen, as well as the Weyler/Gibbons clan, Peter and Mary-Jo, Henri & Alanah, the McKenty Clan, Jim Kearney, Steve & Heidi, Dancing Wolf & Elke, Frank, Zarifa & Aurora, Ruth & Roland, Laura Balducci, Nikki Smorodin, Nori, Caz, Amy Bockner & the catering crew, Rick & Carina, Lara S, Melissa F, Joy K, Russ H, Claude & Penny, Mike & Samantha, Greg & Elizabeth, Dustin & Masimba Marimba, Dana & Mark, Susanna, Sean C, Steve R, Yoshi, Peter & Noba, Fred, Cathy & Ian Winter, Candice, Elinor & Gaia, Monika & Rose, Naomi H, Sachika, Pamela, Mira, Mark, Madhurima, Meinsje & the dance troupe, Hannu, Sheril, Nat Food Co-op, Lane 8, Jim T and In-Tents Rentals, Marcel & Julia, Bill F & Ron Wolda. Apologies to anyone we have missed. With Love, Darshan & Alex.