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Pain is your body trying to get your attention. The longer that signal is ignored, the more your body turns up the volume (of pain).

Yet sometimes it doesn't take much intervention in order for your body to realize that now you're listening. When your body feels 'heard' and supported, then it can start turning down the 'volume.'

Our bodies will put up with a lot (sometimes for a long time) but if we ignore the signals they're sending us, one day that last straw will seem to come out of nowhere and likely seem strangely disproportionate to the pain it causes.

Think about how much you invest in your house, property, vehicles, etc. Investing in your body is also worthwhile!

I understand living with pain and empathize with its myriad challenges. Even before becoming an RMT, I worked intensively with my own body to manage my pain. My personal experiences inform my RMT practice, as does my training and professional experience. It's an honour to help others manage their pain.

Appointments available
Monday-Thursday 10 am - 4 pm
in Cortes Bay

Online booking available:
Book online with Sean Lymworth, RMT

For those with MSP Premium Assistance, it covers $23 coverage per treatment (10/year). I offer direct billing for MSP and extended health insurance benefit plans.

All are welcome!

Sean Lymworth, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist