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General News · 29th June 2016
Yesterday I received a rather threatening phone call from someone pretending to represent the Canada Revenue Agency and wanting my personal information. I called CRA myself and confirmed that this call was not from them. Wanted to warn y'all in case this person is calling all around Cortes. A bit more info here
Comment by Nikie on 8th July 2016
Thanks for sharing. They called us too - seriously intimidating message "You will be charged with TAX FRAUD AND EVASION." They tried back in April, too, with a B.S. tax return email. I think it's a great idea to share the attempts here on the Tideline and keep everyone updated on their latest scheme.
Comment by dova on 30th June 2016
Conrad did the person calling have a distinct accent? Did he give a Canadian sounding name? Mine did. Seriously south asian accent calling himself Bruce Frazer. Ya right. Hanging up and calling the rcmp is the thing to do. The cops are tracking this and so far they say the calls seem to be coming from China. Rev Can is on it too. So anyone getting a call, hang up and call the cops.
Beware "Windows Engineering" too....
Comment by radio sean on 30th June 2016
There's another one going around where the guy claims to be from "Windows Engineering" or similar, and asks for personal info. to help resolve an "infection" in your computer..... There is no such place as "Windows Engineering". Be warned.....
Comment by Catharine Bushe on 29th June 2016
The CRA - NEVER - asks for information about you - they already have it all on file.