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General News · 23rd June 2016
Nancy Beach
The way Nancy Beach sees it after visiting the logged area on Father's Day......

So, how do the expectations presented by John Marlow differ from what actually happened? I did not see the "one cut tree in five trees" groups expected. I did see clear cutting, including of many 3 to 5 feet in diameter trees. Many of these large trees were grouped too close together to give John's "reasoning to cut the unusual (hung up or the like) 3 foot in diameter tree". And, it looked like basically none of the other 3 feet in diameter trees cut would have given him the "reason to cut he had presented". I have not yet visited all the logged areas. But, I was surprised to hear a one mile road was cleared all the way to Seaford Rd. from Squirrel Cove Road.
cut blocks
Comment by Yifan Li on 27th June 2016
Just FYI, the cut blocks were posted on Tideline a couple of days before the cut began.

That being said, the cut was planned and executed despite vocal opposition by at least several community members including a few residents who live across the street from the cut.
Re: raw logs
Comment by Ashley Zarbatany on 23rd June 2016
You're absolutely right that they're no better than IT. In fact, they are worse because they have managed to get a social license to commit this atrocity in this community due to the fact that they are "not IT." The logic that "If we (not that the community forest actually represents "we" the community) don't cut it than IT will" is not only a defeatist attitude and untrue, it is a logical fallacy that is being used to justify bad behaviour by these actors.

The truth is that we the community have allowed the community forest group to do exactly what this community fought IT from doing because of fears of social division. It's a brilliant divide and conquer strategy that the province no doubt realizes is effective at increasing raw log exports.

If we're too afraid to keep our neighbours and community members accountable, due a fear of social division and uncomfortable conversations, than efforts to stop unhealthy and unsustainable logging practices will be far more ineffective than an otherwise united community would be at fighting the "evil" outside corporation.

In fact, it's likely that if IT had been awarded the forests that the community forest group had been, those trees would still be standing because this community would have rallied together to stop the destruction from happening.

Instead, we've see a massive loss of habitat and nesting grounds for important species, and the complete destruction of forests that stood in those places mere months ago.

And for what? For whom? Who is benefiting from this? Is the "community" actually benefiting from this or is is a handful of individuals in the community profiting? Even if we were, which we're not, is it really worth it to sacrifice an entire forest for short term gains through raw EXPORTS? Shouldn't we be thinking about the long term sustainability of forests and lumber on this island with the interests of all people and all creatures here in mind?

Where will we draw the line and say enough?

We should hold each other to the same standards we hold the "evil" outside corporations, otherwise we will end up not only with an unhealthy island lacking in the forests we love so dearly, but also a dysfunctional and unhealthy community full of resentment and shame.
Raw logs leaving Cortes ?
Comment by Brent Morrow on 23rd June 2016
They are no better than IT if this is happening.