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General News · 12th June 2016
Sonya Friesen
Island Carshare Co-op are promoting our new project, the Cortes ride share board, launched this Jan 2016. We are hoping to inspire some Cortes community members and organizations to take an active role promoting/ championing this project.

Yes we have all been down the rideshare road before but this site has easy access no sign in and has a dedicated page just for posting "On island rides" all around Cortes destinations including most Cortes Rd's. As we wait for a dream bus this offers a step beyond hitching. Before you head out consider posting an "On Island ride" (request or offering) Example " heading to Manson's farmers market, leaving Gorge store parking lot at 11 am ,room for 2 , leave a message to meet or pick up on route."

The site also provides an " Off Island " page, postings for all other destinations. All posts link within minutes to the tideline (See bottom right on front page).

Future of rideshare site could one day include a not for profit rideshare app, ( if we get better cell service). Please reference our terms and conditions of posts, in particular read items e,f,g. also see below. Questions please send to Sonya

As to the question." Are we offering services for transporting goods ? " NO we are not offering a transport goods service the same as the rideshare site is not offering a ride service! But if you post you are looking/offering for transport of goods or ride that is up to whom ever responds to your post to agree to. To be clear the rideshare site is just a place to post your offer or request a ride for people or goods.

Islandcarshare Co-op's intention for sponsoring this site is to reduce our transportation carbon emissions. Hoping people first support the existing local transport services for people and goods. But if no service is available, etc. access to a rideshare board is the only service we offer. Sharing rides because you are already heading that direction. Share the ride costs or not (between you and the driver) .

E. You accept full personal responsibility for any ride that you may accept or provide through this service. We accept no responsibility for actions of any individuals using this website or providing or accepting rides through this service.

F. We do not verify the truth or accuracy of any profile information or other information submitted by any User.

G. We are providing this Service without charge to You. Any agreement made between You and your Rideshare partners regarding cost sharing does not involve Us.
yes offer an on island ride
Comment by Sonya Friesen on 16th June 2016
thanks for suggestion's Max, hoping individuals will considering offering a ride before they head out to work, or store, an event etc. May end up in a neigbourhood routine ( carpool ). Also consider helping post ride requests for seniors or youth, who don't have internet access and/or assist them without having to put their name out their. posting your name and contact to use instead to keep their info confidential .
What kind of support?
Comment by Max on 13th June 2016
Thanks so much for keeping on this, Sonja.

re: "We are hoping to inspire some Cortes community members and organizations to take an active role promoting/ championing this project. "

What were you thinking on this?
-other peeps/orgs reminding folks to do it?
-every event promoted should incude a reminder for attendees to post travel plans?
-event organizers especially should offer some rides (assuming they'll be driving to the event)?
-what else?