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General News · 12th April 2016
Eddy M.
Well,the BoB saga is complete,with a fitting,yet bittersweet finale.

I am,of course,referring to Praxis. She who was home to many different people over the last couple decades,and my home for 3 years until last September. Who spent her last winter lounging on the beach,only to be roused from her tired state and moved to the grid for a much needed rehab session. She was showing her age and really needed a 'face-lift',not to mention some other unmentionable 'alterations' involving plastic and what not to return her 'mobility'. Unfortunately,during one of these procedures,through no fault of the 'doctors' working on her,she 'fell' into a worse state,breaking a few ribs and suffering some major external and internal 'bruising'.

Experts in the field were called for opinions and assessments. Leading to many options for her health being offered,which then led to much deliberation on the best method of approach. Tragically,while those options were being explored and pondered,Praxis had a few bouts of being 'under the weather'. These leaving her in a rather 'listless' state,she just wasn't her 'bouyant' self at all anymore,in fact,she became down right catatonic. Major decisions were now required. After much soul searching and weighing of 'moral obligations',it was deemed best to pull the 'plug'. This is not the end of her 'life' though,only her 'surface' life.
She has a new life now,hidden under the surface we normally see,providing shelter and a home for a different variety of residents. Praxis is now peacefully resting out of the wind,rain and waves on the sea-bottom by Cat Island. There she'll be a 'reef' and home for many decades to come. I honestly can't think of a more fitting end to her life; first working hard to provide people with an income; then sheltering and keeping dry and warm many different people while in Cortes waters; now housing sea life of who knows which types. Praxis had a very full life on the surface,now may she have another one under that surface.

All good sagas have a cast of characters involved. Now,of course,I will unintentionally miss one or two (hopefully no more than that) in my recount. So,in absolutely no particular order,I'm going to attempt to list them all here,so the Cortes community will know who these wonderfully helpful people you have as neighbours are......Ray Wood, Barry and Amanda Glickman, Brian Boris, Andy Ellingsen, Jerry (and Dolly), Travis and Brittany (?), Luke Beaugeud (spelling?), Eric and Naomi (Julian's parents), John (?) wood boat Expert (capital on Expert), Volker (?),....I just know I'm missing someone important here,please don't think it's on purpose. Just,the more I re-read the names,the more my memory becomes tunnel-visioned. As soon as I hit 'send' on this,those names will come to me with a loud, "Of course,...". Also,there were many people who offered advice,their time,and even financial aid,that I'm not going to attempt to list for two reasons. One: too long of a list. Two: some may want to remain anonymous for differing reasons. To all of you,know that there simply wasn't enough physical room for all of you to help. To this large cast of characters drawn into my saga,for various reasons,I tip my hat,give a bow and three cheers for all of you!!! You helped in more ways than you may even realise. Restoring my trust/faith in the community,and people in general,..... being by far the most important.

Of course,I must also give a bow to my patient and understanding audience for this unfolding drama/comedy....the residents of Cortes who were quite the understanding and extremely patient witnesses. Your tactful silences and vocal supports were definitely noted and appreciated. Thank you neighbours!

Now,for the main players,who really went above all anyone could ever ask for; Ray,Amanda & Barry,Andy,and Brian..... all deserve special recognition. These special people gave me so much effort in terms of physical and mental energy and time,I haven't the words to truly give the commendations they deserve. Don't know where I'd be without their help and encouragement/prodding. Just know,it is deeply appreciated and though I don't 'owe' you...I OWE you. Thanks one last time all of you. Now,Praxis' curtain must fall and the saga end. As all adventures must.

[I just know I forgot someone(s),it's why I was hesitant to make any list of names. But some names had to be mentioned. My solace will be, I will eventually remember,then thank you in person]


Nice writing!
Comment by Andy Vine on 14th April 2016
Eddy writes with a fluency, self-awareness and presence many professionals would love to have.
And Praxis lives on, albeit under the waves...
Eddy's boat story
Comment by Jennifer Stevens on 13th April 2016
Wow! I'm happy that this has come to a satisfactory conclusion ,Eddy.I must also commend you on your excellent writing skills and creative narrative.Good work by all.This is an awesome community to call home.