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by B. Campbell
General News · 24th March 2016
As told to Jack Wills
On behalf of all my colleagues, I would like to thank you. You who have provided such delicious meals for me and my clan. Over the winter, you have generously provided food and even shelter to many deer. This has helped to keep them healthy and encouraged them not only to reproduce in larger numbers, but to congregate in the vicinity of the feeding areas. This makes life so very much easier for all of us, no need to go chasing all around the island in search of a meal when so much fresh and well fed meat is readily available in a reliable location.
Your generosity has an additional benefit for all of us, since we do not have to spend so much time hunting, we can use this extra leisure to terrorize the neighbourhood dogs, not to mention freak out the chickens and rabbits that some people have around here. As well, we really find great joy in chasing and eating the local cats! So very much fun.
You will be seeing us around your neighbourhood for a while, probably all summer.......we're anticipating the arrival of the clueless city dogs for even more fun in the coming months.
In closing, I would again like to extend our thanks to all of you deer feeders and request that you continue again this Autumn and Winter so that we will again enjoy such easy picking next Spring.
Ten Thousand Thanks;
Chief Wolf,
Currently enjoying your hospitality with my clan in Whaletown