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General News · 7th April 2016
Love and Limits
You have what it takes to be a good parent.

You have nature’s blueprint behind you every step of the way. The instinctual connection to your child begins in utero and supports you, informs you and empowers you to do your job as a parent.

How do you fully tap into this?

You realize and understand the purpose of attachment, move into right relationship with your child and take back your power to parent.

A plant has its cycles of germination, root development, leafing out, blossoming and onward. Children do too. Understanding and knowing what to expect at certain stages is one of the keys to meeting children right where they are and working in partnership with this design.

What is to be gained?

A trust in yourself; to tune in and grow into parenting as needed throughout your child’s development

A trust in your child’s unfolding; letting go of hurrying and pressure to allow children to grow up at their own pace.

An ability to see behavior challenges through the lens of relationship and move to connect and correct at that level.

An ability to allow and invite the full range of emotional expression your child needs to come to true maturity.

Confidence to step into your “alpha” role and set boundaries and limits regarding food, schedules, bedtimes, toys, screen time, peer contact etc.

More ease and harmony in child-parent interactions.

More delight, play and joy with your child.

Our attachment with our children is our ace in the hole. It is where our power to parent lies and it is vitally important in growing up children.

Attachment helps us grow as parents too. As we tune into what our children really need, we find the will to change along side to meet their needs. We don’t need to know it all or do it all alone. We can build an attachment network with caregivers, school and family to support us.

We don’t have to be perfect, hyper-vigilant or enlightened to raise healthy children. We don’t have to understand complex brain research. Slowing down helps, boredom is ok, so is saying “no”.

Who we are to our children matters much more than what we do or know.

Love and Limits is a 4-session course for parents, caregivers or anyone who works with children birth to teen. The main focus is to support the preserving and restoring of child-to-parent relationship. Dayna Davis from Cortes Island facilitates the classes.

Dayna Davis B.Ed. has 30 years experience working in public and independent schools and with homeschool groups. She is the parent of 2 young adults. She draws insight and inspiration from the work of Gordon Neufeld (Hold on To Your Kids) Jane Healy (Your Child’s Growing Mind) Kim John Payne (Simplicity Parenting) and her background training in Waldorf Education

4 Saturdays
Pioneer Room Manson’s Hall
Cortes Island
April 16 - May 7
10:30am-12: 30
Childcare available

By donation.
Sponsored by CCHA Family Support Program.

To register, contact Desta:
phone: 250 935 8558

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