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General News · 16th February 2016
John McQuaid
Over the past 7 years as Hollyhock’s Sustainability Manager I have met several Cortes Islanders that has resulted in friends for the long term. I took on this permanent part time contract because I was impressed with the culture on the island, especially as pertaining to living a lifestyle that minimizes their negative impact on the environment. I have met many innovative community members creating their own sustainable projects. I started Wizards 4 Environmental Technologies Inc. 9 years ago after 30 plus years in the corporate world because I wanted to support people and organizations who wanted to reduce their negative impact on the Environment.
There are community initiatives being formed at various locations on West Coast of BC that support local efforts to create a more sustainable lifestyle. Now that we have a Federal government committed and support efforts to minimize our negative impact on climate change there are now even more communities looking to follow the lead of those already making a difference. We are now providing encouragement and support to individuals in communities of Fernwood and Tofino who are trying to create their own initiative to make a difference. I was asked recently why the same couldn’t be done on Cortes and the answer is it can be, but we need community members who are passionate about forming a similar initiative and I would be willing to provide whatever support I can to make this happen.
A community initiative focusing on assisting individuals with building a sustainable lifestyle is unique to each community because it represents the collaborative effort and values of those involved. Each person I have spoken to about this has their own idea of what it would look like. This could entail education and possible training covering various approaches to minimizing our negative impact on the environment. It could also include cooperative bulk buying for green energy systems.
If you are interested in creating a Cortes Island Sustainable Living Initiative, please don’t hesitate to contact directly, even if it is to ask questions.

John McQuaid
Wizards 4 Environmental Tech. Inc.
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Nanaimo, BC V9S 1K9
Toll Free: 866-320-3987
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