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General News · 3rd February 2016
A watershed is the area of land that catches rain and drains or seeps into a marsh, stream, river, lake or groundwater.
Guess what Larsen's Meadow is? Guess where large cedars are standing? And it just so happens the market is good for cedar right now.
When the stream that supports salmon fry release is logged, entirely on a slope towards the watershed that becomes salmon stream, that flows smoothly down into ocean [ask a kid- they've learned all about it from educators and mentors taking them to Hanson's Creek in Larsen's Meadow for over a decade..]
We were told that "experts" had measured the exact distance from the creek, and "no watershed" would be logged. Walk around Larsen's Meadow- oops, wet there, reeds here, spring over there, bog just past, oh and THEN there's the stream ! Measuring tapes out!
It doesn't take a specialist to know it's a bad idea. Waiting for the trickle down effect of local economy? I'm not sure, but I know the trickle down effect of taking trees out of a watershed... And yes: I have taken my concerns to the board. And no, they were mistaken: it really wasn't a good idea. I suggest the "board" gives a public tour of their "learning experience" in Larsen's Meadow BEFORE continuing the mistakes. My eloquent partner told them before they started: "If this is your guinea pig, it better be a guinea pig that looks like a #$%^ unicorn"