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General News · 3rd February 2016
Sonya Friesen
I read that the forest near my home is about to get an adjustment. I cannot muster up a single rational thought in support of the trees falling.

I count thinking back over the past 25 years how many times we in the community have slowed the local log export market ,by talking, walking, planning, standing up and blocking, meeting, educating. My short history just in the Squirrel Cove area we have postponed 3 attempts to log the remainder of the IT managed forest lands ,influenced a neighbour who was logging his private land to lower the cut volume and back off the creek, negotiated changes to logging plans in chart 100 crown area near Cowen meadow, and voiced our support for the Klahoose Wood-lot and opposition to the remaining crown land being appointed as a private wood-lot and instead in support for the Klahoose / eco-society community forest vision.

No doubt in my mind there would be less trees standing and less newts crossing had we not voiced our concerns. Guess that's how we justify now taking 11,000 m3 in one years time.

I'm away from my Squirrel home, in Vancouver helping my old growth dad recover from his accident. Sitting beside John (who is embracing life as a tetraplegic ) talking about his dreams last night. One where he is designing a huge cedar chair for the king who is coming to visit but he cannot get up out of his own chair or lift his arms in desperate attempt to build it. The other dream his ventilator tube had transformed into a long grey beard growing within it forests and vegetable gardens. He was so pleased to be the gardener in charge of his very own tiny trees.

John's dreams reflect his 85 years, 70 of which he has always planted a garden, 50 of which he fell trees for a living, 20 more of which he fell trees for friends and to keep his chops, and 50 of which he crafted beautiful woodwork from the remnants left in the cut blocks. John's chainsaw is his third arm, he moved with it so gracefully. John has not shed many tears here in the hospital but the thought of not lifting the saw ever again, well we had another big hug.

I encourage those who choose only to express their opinions at home after meetings because they see discussing forest issues as cross dressing and risking your image, offending family or friends, to go ahead and please speak up. We are all tree hugging loggers and logger hugging tree hugger's and tree planters planting vegetables, and woodworkers shopping at Home Depot, maybe we all have different approaches as to how but it does not put us on different sides. We have not and will not arrive at a final resting place of sustainable, resilient, eco-forestry it will never meet our ever changing world, but we might leave something for the "others" if we continue to ask ourselves why ?

Sonya Friesen, Squirrel Cove Forest Community
Comment by Leo Smith on 7th March 2016
If all insects disappeared, life on earth would disappear in fifty years; if humans disappeared, in fifty years earth life would blossom...
Dear Sonya
Comment by Nancy Beacg on 14th February 2016
Dear Sonya,
My heart goes out to you on at least 2 counts.
First, the trees. ...... I basically left Sandra Wood to speak for me while I attended my Dear Mom, in hospital. Sandra has left it to J. Marlow to minimize his cutting of the 3 feet diameter trees I wanted saved, (as a minimum request), on the understanding he knew he is "being watched" by our community.
Secondly, your Dear Father....... Love to you both, & thank you so much for your good care of him. It is certainly fascinating to hear of your hard-won insights into his very creative, artistic, fertile mind, (& beard), and precious power-filled life, which has contributed to yours. I spent 3 weeks caring for my Mom who I felt was "too soon" categorized as a palliative care patient. To channel my resulting energy in the best way, I am joining forces with the B.C. Patient Safety & Quality of Care organization, (, etc., & since I gather 50% of people make their transition to the Great Beyond in hospitals, I urge all who want decent care for themselves and loved ones to do the same. Their interactive/surveys- type- website for communication with the public is expected after 2 months. Video of Article on my Mom, Dorothy Beach, age 102, is attached.