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General News · 1st February 2016
Dancing Wolf
Vulnerable Response

A moonlit bouquet of shimmering gratitude to Susanna for offering the Cortes Community such a wonderful opportunity to explore something so deep and fundamental every human being experiences in our own unique way yet is rarely talked about and even less so publicly.

Not only did she offer Vulner up as an idea, she brought it home to us passionately with the focused help of her friends and others who saw it sparkling in the distance as the precious gem it turned out to be.

Manson’s Hall was full of Vulnerability, from start to part, from installation to confirmation, from visual to spiritual, from feeling to healing, from dark to spark, from soul to whole, from choice to voice, from fear to ear, from daunting to haunting, from dance to chance, from womb to bloom, from confidential to instrumental, from truth to uncouth, from painful to gainful, from dear to tear, from laughter to hereafter, from sexual to contextual, from illness to stillness, from born to torn, from earth to worth, from broken to spoken, from soft to aloft, from face to grace, from homes to poems, from breath to death, from art to heart and from and to so very much more.

The hall was also full of gracious people who opened their minds and hearts to the presenters who installed, spoke, danced, sang, recited, humoured and reflected.

All of us co-created a Sacred Bubble that was never punctured, one that is still floating from tickled fern to gentle tree, sharing with the non-human world that there is hope yet and then some.

Thanks to Mario, the evening’s MC and Stage Steward, for a job well done. Also much gratitude to Hannu for offering up, once again, his substantial skill set and dedication to supporting creative community.

Thanks also for the generosity of Susanna’s friends for, among other qualitative things, providing tasty treats for free. Very much enjoyed and appreciated.

In closing I would like to open myself more to what we created on Saturday and so invite the Cortes Community to consider doing Vulner again. Allowing others the opportunity to express themselves and be seen and heard and felt in a safe, supportive, creative and vital way.

Vulnerably Yours

All My Relations

Dancing Wolf