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General News · 31st January 2016
I'm absolutely floored and humbled at the response of this community, showing up in the heart-warming way you did at the Vulner show last night.

We filled the hall with good cheer, lots of neighbours and friends, amazing stories, profound moments, some hilarity, delicious desserts, an engaging spirt of togetherness, artwork and installations to have deep conversation with, and a sense of intimate wintertime love.

And the power stayed on, despite the stormy winds earlier in the day!

Together we raised $602 dollars, which will go towards supporting the Lax U'u'la Camp on Lelu Island (more info / donation page at ) and towards protection of the Walbran Valley old growth from logging (for more info and how to donate, link coming soon). Thank you for all your generous donations!

There are so many to thank for the myriad contributions to last evening's show:

• Jo๋l Doyle for being the kind of person who made me want to call you first, for being there with full support any time I needed assistance, for painting the stunning poster, for helping with set up All Day Long yesterday, for being an impromptu DJ when one was needed, for all of your good ideas, eductive support, enthusiasm, and being a sounding board throughout the entire process

• Matt from Animal House for your call-out for ideas about fundraisers to support the land and those protecting it

• Kate Archibald, Bonnie McKibben, and Kristina Purcell for donating time, materials, and inspiration for the delicate scrumptious desserts. Kate, thank you for all your wonderful ideas and thoughtful contributions during the whole process, as well! Kris, thanks for your patience with me, throughout!

• Kristen Scholfield-Sweet for helping me understand a structure for the evening, and for important work together that allowed the evening to occur, even before I knew it was an idea forming

• Mario for your passion for the project, for stepping up with gravity and lightness into the role of emcee, making everything inordinately easier for my own sanity and the flow of the evening, and for helping me think some necessary things through

• Joy Kerfoot for your splendid energy and delightful way you helped us see the container we built together

• Hannu Huuskonen for your seamless and professional magic with the light and sound boards, and for your pleasant humour and quick smile, despite that we had no dress rehearsal

• Scotty Martin for loaning me lights for the show, and for always having my back

• Jessi Junkins for being willing from the beginning, and for helping at the door

• To many who contributed something needed, just in conversation with them:

Radio Sean
Josh Pilgrim
Colin Funk and Connie Brill
Paul Brewer
Noba Anderson
Fawn Baron and John Preston
Marnie, Sheena, and Max at Lakehouse

• Reese Beisser, Matt Baran-Mickle, and Tevon Dubois for absolutely everything... it wouldn't have been remotely possible without you

• Eric Hargrave and the CNFC for donating ingredients for the scrumptious chai

• Mary Lavelle, Mark Christian, and the SCCA for all of your many answers to my many questions, and for helping make the space available in as easy as possible of a way. Thank you, especially, Mary, for putting your work hat back on for me, at a moment I'm really grateful for

• Bill Wheeler, Mary Clare Preston, Sarah Van Stiphout, and Sue John for showing up with a YES

• Matt Baran-Mickle and Heidi Gerrard for giving me some permissions when I needed them

• Om Beach for covering for me at work, so I could focus on the show yesterday

And of course ! ! !

• To all who brought their deep work, art, and installations into the space, setting the tone for the entire evening

Denise Gibbons
Britt Baxter
Travis Pawlak
Judith Williams
Jaz Wilson
Glenna Foerster
Sherman Barker
Ayami Stryck
Bonnie McKibben
Jo๋l Doyle
And all the Lakehouse Kids from 2014, 2015, and 2016 who worked on the endangered animal prints

• All of our presenters sharing their stories, songs, and movement in tremble, strength, and glorious honesty

Yvonne Kipp
Volker Steigemann
Alex Archibald
Meinsje Vlaming
Namchi Bazar
Lella Gmeiner
Monika Beal
Hazel Appaqaq
Corrin Adams
Diane Brussel
Leah Seltzer
Mike Brown
Dan Peters
Rex Weyler
Dancing Wolf

• Everyone who considered whether they’d take part, and decided what worked for them

• Each lovely participant who showed up to partake and interact in the community conversation (and clean up and reset at the end of the evening!!)

• All the spirits, energies, and beings who prepared for and made this good work

Thank you so much, from my heart's fullness. I am incredibly blessed to know each of you, and to get to be next to you in such a moment.



P.S. I am hoping and many have expressed the desire
for this show to have a follow up show, or to start a tradition... maybe someone else can take on organizing the next one?
Wish I coulda been there!
Comment by deborah koch on 16th February 2016
Hi Susannah,
What a magical night you've created.....I almost feel like I was there!
So proud of you and so honored to know you, beautiful