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General News · 25th January 2016
Sherman Barker
On Sunday I went down to the creek for Church Service. We call it Hanson Creek this century.
I do not have a degree is biology or forestry ecology, but spent most of my life walking and working in the woods. It's pretty obvious when you're in Old Growth. You notice "Little Things".. like LIFE. The birds and the bees stuff that you won't hear or see much of in the tree farm world.
We could learn a lot about our world pondering what it's like to live in harmony for several centuries.
You get a little of that feeling listening to big trucks grinding their way up the Gorge Hill...Shifting gears between work, debt, and making it all happen.

Does Forestry feed families or just our machines?

More questions than answers, really. Existential reality for us humans. What a Pandora's Box we've opened in our busy minds. Rationalizing our ever increasing need for more.
That must sound like a joke to the working people on Cortes, who actually are just trying to work to put food on the table. We schlep away building mega mcmansions for the rich to leave empty. They criss-cross the waterfront, ley lines of deep green ecology, where talk over buffet dinners is about "Eco"presenters. Maybe they need a couple unique local wooden beams, or that perfect piece of driftwood heli-lifted into place.

It's all good, "We've got bills to pay.." Ah, yes, that eternal parade of envelopes with windows, choking up our mailbox. All the debt we continue to believe will be our salvation.

Banks, busy pulling money from that money cloud. Falls out of the sky, rain or shine. Just sign right here on the dotted line.
They cast the net over us, and in we swim. Borrow to get those machines to skid the logs, build the road, pay for the truck to haul them to water.

Then the cruise ship to China? Or wherever forest brokers decide to drop them for their permanent overseas destination. Perhaps a TEMPLE beam in a Buddhist temple of enlightment? Hmm.. how's your supply of Old Growth Yellow Cedar, BC?

"May all Beings be Happy, and Free of Suffering"
Who was that guy who found freedom, just sitting under a TREE...?

Or maybe our local forest will be destined for something fast food chain chopsticks? Who knows, it is not for us, that is certain.

Every extraction seems to have a huge audience of humans justifying their own needs. So, here we are on Cortes, putting that "Eco"word in front of the "F" word Forestry. Such a nice, green, beautiful image to fall to sleep on. We never hear the wolves howling, or owls at night after the trees come down in Larsen's Meadow. Too busy, immersed. Building wooden toys, tables, chairs, and stairs in our cottage industry pipedream, alongside the wood-elves and fairies.
That's the reason for cutting our forest, right?

Not much changes, we are all still inside that debt net, calculating our escape plans. We will exchange old stumps for new trucks, just keeping the wheels spinning. Wrapped up, all cozy driving around in our machines of loving grace.
Free, and SUSTAINABLE just like the wolves walking down a new logging road in Squirrel Cove. Just one more cut to freedom.
And what of the Larsen's Meadow Fairy Tale? Just one more page turned over in the Forestry Management COMIC BOOK.

Mud is running down the road, just like thousands of other IT type logging roads around the country. It's headed for the closest available exit. That's called a CREEK in my language.

But don't worry, it's all been APPROVED by VERY knowledgeable "ECO" people !

Hmm.. maybe like a Septic Certification Permit. Because you need a certificate to know WE ALL LIVE DOWNSTREAM.
grand faloons and wampeters
Comment by shermanavalley on 4th February 2016
looking for the section in the community forest website about logging squirrel cove. Its the part that sums up otherworldly math,measuring the cost against the gain.Cant find it.It usually translates into a bunch of numbers calculated against a bunch of words.Annual growth rate,cutting volume,fiber volume ,export market value. etc etc etc.Trust me there's thousands of them,growing daily ,faster then the trees.They appear in the physical form like crop circles-across the mountains of the b.c. and the planet .Like early warning or warming wake up calls.Somewhere there exists a circle of people that just know.Deep inside this is the right thing ,and eventually everyone will get it.Even the great grand children.However,in all organizations from the U.N. to local govt. body's there's a tapeworm.Its the part of human nature that loses its objectivity,when the ego jumps out.Out of this comes attitudes that rapidly disintegrate into predictable piles of rubble.We recently dealt a good blow to the head of a federal govt. body.They were unable to comprehend that people are not interested being told by minority power circle."Hey we know whats best for you."Please be quiet,we have more important business to subject you to.Our provincial govt. remains still holding on to this mindset.While we may lose our breakfast over the world daily news, and steady relentless slaughter of our self's and planet,one thing remains.That little 3 letter word"EGO"manifesting inside us,creatively,or negatively.It seems to me the planet is our "shrink" and the were still asleep,having bad dreams on the couch.Us getting in the way of our higher self's is hardly new history.Perhaps our attraction to eastern philosophy comes from the result that out west?Well, obviously our resource extraction has afforded us many, very comfortable couches to fall asleep upon.Hardly new history.You could follow a old roman road to a river churning out 2016 technological poop.Maybe pass by a grand building of democracy, where politicians eagerly await for a V.I .P. invitation to the next great primate debate in Paris.Sorry but our shit still smells the same.So ,please local Eco people.Don't exclude yourself from this grasping pile of human rabble.It exists rooted to your D.N.A. presenting itself at every board meeting,where we gather to rant and rationalize our right to extract our needs.
baffle garb from the forest fringes
Comment by shermanavalley on 4th February 2016
Just wanted to thank the community forest committee for their commitment to transparency and democratic principles.Thank you mark for getting right on the ball to have the unexpected erosion problems in larsons meadow addressed.The fish and wild life that also live in the meadow will greatly appreciate our consideration for their social and economic well being.For all the public consultation about logging on cortes, I'm glad the inner circle of knowledge is open to everyone's concerns. Most of all I'm happy that all these concerns were addressed,and all residents of cortes are on board ,including those 4 legged residents ,with their approval to log in squirrel cove.Thank you Sonya for emailing your similar concerns in a email sent to the forest committee in march 2015 .before any logging had taken place.It was really great to hear that the unforeseen problems in larsons are being dealt with asap One could only hope to assume this will happen before any trees start dropping in Squirrel cove.,as both larsons meadow, and Squirrel cove interface ares have riparian zone issues.Looking forward to the continued, conscious,progressive,tree farm opportunity on this local level of sustainability,accountability,and economic viability. NAMASTE, shermanavalley,,,