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General News · 10th January 2016
I just want to give a big thank you to everyone who is stepping up to participate in various ways for the Vulner variety show coming up at the end of the month. Your friends and neighbors are pondering potential art and performances to share, and some have already been committing to bringing something interesting and unusual to you: their own take on vulnerability. Others have been committing to and already are supporting the show in vital backstage ways. Thank you!

You, too, are most welcome to partake in the upcoming conversation. There are many ways to participate, and not all of them require you yourself choosing to be vulnerable:

• Some of the art and performances may be given from a place of the sharer actually going to a vulnerable place in order to do the sharing.

• Other art and performances may be given from a place of discussing what vulnerability means to the sharer, looking into the paper bag of vulnerability rather than being in it right then.

• Still more of the pieces in the show may have to do with the land being vulnerable as well, and what that means and how it looks to the sharer.

• There are still ways that people can volunteer for useful backstage support.

• And of course, an important way for people to participate is by showing up as a witness to what sharing may occur. Showing up as part of the audience will be very helpful and needed, too.

Manson's Hall
Saturday, January 30th

7 pm - art and installations to consider
8 pm - performance art to consider

By donation, to benefit our vulnerable land.

If you would like more information or are considering participating, please contact Susanna at 935-0347. Thanks again!