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General News · 31st December 2015
Ester Strijbos
For all of us who live here, we know how lucky we are. 2015 was another spectacular year on Cortes. The weather was amazing, after a gorgeous spring, the summer went on and on and the fall was gentle. Winter came with a few storms but the crews on BC Hydro, Emcon and BC Ferries tried hard to keep disruption to a minimum. Gardens produced delicious food, the whales kept surfacing on all sides of the island and there were lots of Cortes Events to enjoy.

The volunteers on Cortes were again busy. We have amazing people volunteering their time and energy for all sorts of services and projects. Thank You. A Special Big Thank You to the Fire Department and the Ambulance Service on the island. You are all amazing and we thank you for your time, energy and dedication!

A few elderly left Cortes in the last year, but many stayed thanks to the Extended Home Support. Family, neighbours and friends are helping as usual and it makes a big difference! Thank You. Some Cortes residents moved away by choice, to make a home elsewhere. We miss them but are happy to hear they still read the Tideline and stay connected.

Many people use the Tideline daily and all of you keep the Tideline going. Thanks for the submissions of your ads, all the items you are selling & trading and the workshops you are giving. Thanks to the people submitting the community articles in the centre column, dances, updates, stories and notices. We all appreciate the time it takes you to write it all out and submit!

The Rideshare is in the middle of getting an overhaul. Other sites have been wanting to show our rides for years and that was not possible within our structure. So we were luck to work with Kootenay Eco Society to adapt, lease, and share the successful rideshare template KES has maintained for many years. Soon we will have a display of upcoming rides on the front page, which is an important part for users. A much better system and I thank you all for your patients.

The Tideline would not be what it is without our sponsors. We appreciate their support and the Tideline would not get the time and energy it gets without them. Please support our sponsors, they make it happen! A big thank you to all of you!

I have to say that I really appreciate those of you that took the time and wrote nice notes, to tell us that you like it and use it lots and to the people that made donations to support us. Feedback is always appreciated; good or bad, and we'll try and make everyone happy.

The Tideline gets checked and updated twice a day. If you submitted an ad and don't see it right away, please wait a day (or at least 12 hours) before emailing us. If you still don't see your ad: did you forget to add your real name and contact info? If so, it won't get posted. Your email or phone number is required as well as your name. It is our policy and it has worked well for many many years so we won't change it any day soon.

You can always contact us for questions or feedback: and we will try and get back to you within a day or two. Jenn Nelson covers for me when I take time off so either one of us will reply.

I wish you all another great year on this special island with your friends, neighbours, family and visitors. May 2016 be filled with appreciation, adventure, lots of laughter and special moments.