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Cortes Delegation to the Community Health Network in November
General News · 16th December 2015
Noba Anderson
Hello Cortes Island and Season's Greetings!

Please find attached my December newsletter that went to all Cortes mailboxes today. Articles include:

- Community Paramedicine for Cortes!
- Support for Business & Tourism
- Community Health Network
- New Gas Tax Criteria - Call for Applications
- Parks and Trails Update
- Regional Arts and Culture Service?
- 2015 Grant-In-Aid Allocations
- Land Use Planning Files from 2015
- Broadband Connectivity
- SRD First Nation's Legal Workshop
- Cortes SRD Budget $$

I have included here the first few lines of every article to give you a flavour and hopefully entice you to read more. Below these snippets are links to more information about many of the articles and also a few attached letters and supplemental information.

Community Paramedicine for Cortes!
I am totally delighted to announce that Cortes Island has been selected as one of four Vancouver Island communities to receive a community paramedic in the early phase roll-out of this new provincial program! This was one of my top campaign commitments as part of advocating for better community health care, and is a cornerstone to this strategy... (read the rest of the article in the attached newsletter) Also see two attached letters about this announcement.

- Provincial Update on Community Paramedicine program

Also see the results from the 2015 Cortes Community Health Care Forum at

Support for Business and Tourism

One of my highest priorities is finding ways to support the economics of Cortes, support jobs and business activity that is modest in scale and in line with the community's values. To this end, early in the year I organized a Cortes Economic Development Forum. I am also committed to the Cortes Island Business and Tourism (CIBAT) group... (read the rest of the article in the attached newsletter)

See the report from the 2015 Cortes Economic Development Forum here

To see the Cortes Island Business and Tourism successful Visitor's Kiosk funding application see

To see the successful funding application for the Cortes Island Business and Tourism's Economic Strategic and Action plan see

Community Health Network
I am very proud to have been one of the instigators, and supporters of the new Strathcona Community Health Network. The network brings people together from wide-ranging backgrounds, roles and perspectives to take action on complex issues that impact health and well-being in our communities. It provides a mechanism for citizens to speak with a collective voice on health issues while sharing ideas and resources to build healthier communities... (read the rest of the article in the attached newsletter)

Watch a great little video about the Community Health Network here

See attached the report from the June meeting of the Strathcona Community Health Network

New Gas Tax Criteria & Call for Applications
The SRD has funds available to Cortes through the Gas Tax (or Community Works Fund) program originally intended largely for greenhouse gas reducing infrastructure. These funds are transferred to us from the Federal government as a small portion of taxes collected at the gas pump and accrue at the rate of about $59,000 per year. In 2013, we funded an air-source heat pump for the Manson's Hall and contributed toward the Discovery Island's Ecosystem-Based mapping project. At the end of 2014, Cortes had $350,000 in this fund and two approved, yet unfunded, projects... (read the rest of the article in the attached newsletter)

Parks and Trails Update
The Cortes parks and trails working group met in November to discuss priorities for the coming year. We reviewed a GPS map of existing and proposed trails with data that Friends Of Cortes Island (FOCI) and Sabina Leader-Mense, under contract to the SRD, had gathered and we identified areas of prime interest. We have a survey done of the legal terrestrial access to the southernmost Crown land tip of Cortes and the building of this trail was the group's first priority. We are going to proceed with putting up beach access signs at 6 access points that are already developed and used by the public, and proceed with neighbor outreach to another 7 that were re-confirmed by the group as priority... (read the rest of the article in the attached newsletter)

Regional Arts and Culture Service?
The primary way that the Regional District operates is through the provision of 'tax services.' We provide services to the community, as approved by you, and funded primarily through property taxation. There is sometimes interest in providing new services. A few years ago there was some regional interest in providing a tourism service, but that effort has been set aside, although some of the municipalities with the SRD are still investigating options. We have recently received a request, spearheaded by the Tidemark Theatre Society in Campbell River with support of other Campbell River arts groups, to initiate a Regional Arts and Culture Service that would provide some stable core funding for the operations and programming of arts and culture groups throughout the region... (read the rest of the article in the attached newsletter)

Arts and Culture Service - Preliminary Evaluation report here

2015 Grant-In-Aid Allocations

Every year, there is modest amount of funds available to Cortes non-profit initiatives through the SRD Grant-In-Aid service. About $25,000 per year is awarded and this year the breakdown was as follows:
• $9,200 to Cortes Island Business and Tourism for two separate programs (see article on page 1)
• $8,000 to the Cortes Community Health Association for youth programs and extended home support... (read the rest of the article in the attached newsletter)

Land-Use Planning Files from 2015
2015 has been a normal moderate year for Cortes-specific land use planning issues.

The Cortes Advisory Planning Commission met 3 times this year and advised on 3 applications:

939 Raven Road, know as Acres Lavender and owned by Mo Yeung Ching, is a 160 acre lot which is part of the South Point Strata and mostly within the Agricultural Land Reserve. Mr. Ching applied to subdivide a 30 acre parcel off the parent lot in the north-west corner... (read the rest of the article in the attached newsletter)

All APC agendas and minutes are available at

Sprungman's ALR subdivision application -

Broadband Connectivity

The Regional Board has adopted regional connectivity, including the extension of broadband data services and the cellular network, as a strategic priority for 2015. In support of this goal, the board has commissioned a broadband capacity study including an enterprise level connectivity for the region... (read the rest of the article in the attached newsletter)

SRD report recommending the commissioning of a broadband capacity study found here

SRD First Nation's Legal Workshop
Although the Regional District has indentified for years the need to improve our relationship with our neighboring First Nation governments, we have struggled to find good ways of doing this. Given that heath affects us all, and indeed that many of our First Nation allies have been taking a real lead on this front for many years, the Community Health Network has been an excellent way to work on critical issues of common interest.
We have also realized that we have a lot of learning to do ourselves about our shared history and current day issues of aboriginal rights and title... (read the rest of the article in the attached newsletter)

For the First Nations legal workshop materials see Workshop -

The final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada can be found in my report at

or directly on the Truth and Reconciliation Comission of Canada's website at

That's it for now.
All the best of the season to you and your loved ones.
Noba Aderson

Regional Director for Cortes Island to the Strathcona Regional District
Box 394, Whaletown, Bc, V0P 1Z0