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General News · 25th November 2015
Thank you to all rideshare people sharing their comments & concerns about the new site

As stated "The old system was messy indeed, but often rideshares happened because people were scanning the Tideline by habit, noticed requests there, and reached out to offer help. The new system requires an extra step, and it is not one we are accustomed to making ".

We also share this concern but are hoping once we adjust to the changes we will see the other benifits this site offers. Tideline users may not realize, Ester has to check posts, sometimes make corrections, and often cannot post your ride till the following day if submitted late. This is all done on her valuable time. On the new site one of the big advantages is that your ride will post right away which really helps with "On Island " rides. Also, improving ride sharing options beyond just hitching for local Island destinations, is a big part of our focus for this website.

A future vision for local rides could include shared ownership of a few "On Island" electric (dream big) or gas vehicles (small cars, a van, bicycles) that member/drivers could rideshare and return to different locations hubs around the Island, and an off island vehicle stationed in Campbell River.

All of us idealy would like to have an Island bus and support the Cortes Connection if they chose to take on such a service. For Gov/tax funding a feasability study and years of planning await those interested. A Quadra bus/shuttle working with the Cortes Connection may be the first logical step.Things we can do now might include establish access/ improvements to short cut walking and bike paths. Solutions as Oliver stated like back to the ride stickers on vehicles, rideshare pull out stops, donations for costs if the driver did not want to accept could instead be donated to a green transportation fund.

Myself 25 yrs as a full time working parent on Cortes driving mainly beaters, living in Squirrel Cove, with a passion since I was 26 to not own or drive a car for all the obvious environmental and economic reason's feel I have failed at that attempt. I hope this transportation dialoge with the addition of the rideshare site will help all Cortes residents with special attention to parents, youth, and seniors needs. Please keep your comments coming pro's, con's, etc.

Thank you
Sonya or leave message 935-6954