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Island Crafts - Woodwork
• Cook like a Master Chef with my Arbutus Tree wood utensils...

• Serve food and salads with my stunning wood salad sets and servers...

• Enjoy the beauty of its magical wood in jewelry or letter openers and keychains...

• Discover both the Beauty of the Arbutus Tree, also known as the Madrone Tree, and its Exotic Hardwood, and my Hand Carved Art and Homemade Wood Crafts!

The Arbutus Tree Has Several Names:

• the Madrone Tree
• the Madrona Tree
• the Strawberry Tree
• Arbutus Menziesii
...all are the very same tree!

As a domestic hardwood, Arbutus wood rivals any imported or exotic hardwoods. Its wide range of grain colors and textures is unmatched, yielding strikingly beautiful wood gifts to the delight of many.

Arbutus Arts creates wood craft gifts from this spectacular Arbutus wood. These eco friendly gifts are ideal choices for those special occasions demanding something unique or for a souvenir from the coast of British Columbia.

Made from eco friendly wood from forest fall downs and dead trees, they include wooden cooking spoons, wood knives and salad sets, and a whole lot green home products and green eco friendly fashion wood pendants and necklaces.

Ron Bazar