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General News · 18th September 2015
Well, after almost twenty years, I’ve left Trude’s Café behind. I finished moving out on Tuesday and now the property at 591 Whaletown will sit vacant until the end of the year. I guess it’s best this way. In retrospect, I feel that “I” needed to leave to make space for “us” to move in. It’s an exciting yet exhausting time for me. Let’s go - Full speed ahead.

I want to thank so many people for what they are doing in support of the Whale of a Deal. First off my team, Izzy and Bobbi, Mario, Lamme and Tim. Then the Natural Food Co-op for doing so much printing, the Cortes Market for giving me discounts on all these notices, and my neighbour Richard of the Gorge Harbour Marina for all his faith and support. I want to thank so many others for the fundraising ideas being created, and the pledges and donations, and the inspiring words, but the list would fill the page. Also, I want to thank Roger Purdy for letting me finish up my tenancy in peace. Perhaps I have been over-reactive in my last post. I’m still learning to stand up for myself, and so I may be overly fierce in doing so.

I want to tell you all about the joy I experienced on Sunday at the auction we held. Spontaneously, the auction developed into maybe the first co-operative auction in history. Someone would state a desire for a specific lot and say how much they had, and then others would bid lower and give way when we got close to that initial amount. Then often the “winner” would bid against themselves doubling their bid while the auctioneer tried to get them to take it for a fraction as much. In the cases where more than one person really wanted the same lot, they often agreed to divide it up – a big box of wool and five pounds of smoked salmon (thanks Gary and Andrea) both went that way. There was laughter and smiles all around.

It’s a testament to the community we already have and the stronger one which we are now building that this is the way we treat one another. Maybe we could have had a few more dollars competing, but we have both joy and abundance now. There’s a lesson here – overvalue each other and let all reap the benefit of being honoured by friends. That’s the spirit. I’m so proud of how we are meeting the adverse conditions the world has brought to our doorsteps. Adapt and thrive my neighbours!

The auction netted (after paying for event insurance which is expensive) almost $600. It was great that again people from the south and east came to support us Whaletowners. As Sedley liked to say “one people on one island”. I’m reminded that he thought that about the whole world. We can show others from far away how small places can live in harmony.

So to the future, Tyler is helping me have an internet presence. A Facebook page (, and a website ( are both underway. The pledge form and a “paypal” button soon will be available online with other “interactive” stuff. Lella has got me putting together a cookbook. Abigail and Dan (from Island Feed) have donated an entire pig and we are raffling off two halves (processed by Gunter Bros) separately. Also, we have started to organize Trude’s Eve, a fancy dinner party fundraiser. It will be Saturday Oct 17 at Gorge Hall with great food and drink, music and dancing, entertainment and fun. Mark your calendar, or call 250-935 0193 and be a “table captain” - organize your friends to have a wonderful celebration with us. Bushels of roses and all the best.


Win Half a Pig

One Ticket $10 Five Tickets $40

Tickets available at the Whaletown Post Office,
Cortes Natural Food Co-op and Squirrel Cove Store or find Trude at the Friday Market

Local, organic and loved, processed at Gunter Bros. available for the holidays

Thanks to Abi and Dan at Island Feed

Please support the Whale of a Deal! We can acquire a central piece of commercial land to have a community commons - a downtown for Whaletown. It’s next to the marina and the hall. There’s room for small entrepreneurs and a green space for kids. A natural amphitheatre faces an existing stage. There are old trees and open spaces. It’s perfect. The price is only $105,000. We have until December to raise the money. We have had a great beginning, but we still need your help to make it a reality. Please get involved and let’s make something permanent happen. Unity in community!

Trude’s Eve

Saturday Oct 17 at Gorge Hall

Food and drinks, music and dancing, entertainment and fun!

Be a “Table Captain” – organize your friends to have a great evening, and help Trude!

More info soon to come. For tickets or more information, call 935 0193, or email