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General News · 15th September 2015
Micheal Kluckowski
Copy of email to Mark Lombard

Hi Mark
I would like a firewood permit. Please let me know where to pick it up.

I want to express my outrage at how the forestry partnership has handled firewood. The limited supply and limited time is an affront to those of us who have been patiently waiting for an opportunity to share is the forestry resource which is in your care. Obviously the partnership has given firewood the lowest priority. After all the promises made about how the partnership would benefit the Cortes community (the reality of such a benefit I question), you have missed the opportunity to make an immediate contribution to the community in favor of a policy that favors the few, at the expense of the many.

I presume you have bureaucratic excuses why it must be so, but there is also always work a rounds. I think the policy of the forestry partnership should be this: no logs are exported off the island until the backlog of firewood demand is met. In order to make a significant contribution to the community, the forestry partnership could invest in a firewood processor, and stockpile split firewood and give it away to Cortes residents.

It is absurd that we live in area with huge forestry resources, and many of us have had to import firewood at great expense from far away.

Micheal Kluchkowski