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General News · 9th August 2015
Ian Lennon
Saturday, approximately midnight, someone entered our parents parked BMW and stole a wallet. It was alleged, by grandma, and her feverish daughter, rather insistingly. I should have known. Maybe I did. I hope many of you assumed our error.

We're in the south end, densely populated with neighbors, and were at home, which didn't daunt the imagined thief. That, I though, was odd, and implausible.

Yet such is the nature of fear and panic. It would have been inappropriate of me not to succumb --What if the threat was real!?

IT IS NOT. The wallet was in the car door.

And so I am offering this little, totally inadequate apology for propagating deleterious, paranoid BS. May it be reversed and may you all please have a laugh it my expense.

Oh, to every loner out there who got a cross look: Sorry.
To everyone who locked a door, or hid an asset: Sorry.
To every moth lost in the shine of porch lights left on: Sorry.

May our whole selves be well.

Thanks all.

Call 6525 with any questions.