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General News · 20th July 2015
Sherman Barker
Nice to see a trickle of water in Hansen Creek early this morning. It disappears, reappears, then it's gone again - as quickly as the birds flitting through seeking water.
Mostly it's a disappearing act in process. Twenty-two years of living here and walking this stream, it's the lowest water table I've ever seen.
Don't know how many centuries it took to manifest this drainage water aquifer, but my time here would be shorter than a bird's call.
Somewhere along this stream's path, salmon made their way up to spawn, back when Coho were plentiful - the pre-culvert era.
Seems that world has long given up on us. I can understand why its not really sticking around to watch the last human sitcom series. We've marched along, gleefully reinventing the natural with our names, various economic engines, and a million gallons of green-wash vomit to purge our sins with.
So people - all of you - rednecks, hip-necks, hipster, trickster, recently arrived, about-to-be reincarnated, reinvented, renamed or simply woken up from your "I just want a new truck and flat screen dream" - get in your new Dodge Man truck, old bike or Free Store sneakers, and take a tour down Larson's Meadow Road, into the heartland of Hanson Creek.
Be the first contestant to witness your new economic destiny.
Stand in awe at what a few millisecond months of human economic evolution can accomplish.
Check out what you can find laying in the ditch, languishing at the end of all those evolutionary interfaces.
After that you can go home to cook your "I only eat wild salmon" dinner and water your organic garden, if you can. Later on as you digest the day, take some time for reflection and toss out a few blessings and namastes, to help you find yourself and your childrens' place in this Eco-Certified future.
Long live the great march to eco-sustainable land.

Most sincerely, Shermana Valley L.O.L.

P.S. Did anyone from the Community Forestry Partnership remember to text the incoming salmon re finding a new route?