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General News · 6th July 2015
Hello FELLOW Islanders.

I sit here staring out over the smoke filled ocean reading all the new fire reports I assure you there is no other person as concerned with fire as myself.

We have been discussing the potential of canceling year 19 for the last 3 weeks.

Inspite of the fact that we have aquired 3 extra water pumps and more than 1000 feet of hose as well as planned on limiting camping to within 100 feet of the water with out a week of rain its appears a cancel will be in order.

I realize some folks on the island feel they have no power in this decision or perhaps do not know the proper people to communicate with about their concerns. I am that person. 250 650 5447

Your concerns are our concerns.

If there was an authority that could stop this event it would have years ago. The true authority in this situation is logic and local concern. Logic clearly states that without at least a week or rain it is much too dangerous to proceed.

We care about this island greatly as well as all the residents. Your concerns over the years (the valid ones that exist in reality that is) are very real and are important to us.

As a child of Carrington Bay we open this space to others that are children of the Bay, we do this because that space is sacred to us.

more info on this to come soon.

best regards