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Health & Wellness
Treat yourself or someone else to transformational bodywork to feel better!

Body Balancing Massage
Drawing on a background of Advanced Esalen Massage, British Sports Massage, Schweitzer Deep Tissue, and D'Ambrogio Institute Positional Release and Body Balancing techniques, as well as over 40 years of Yoga practice and Subtle Therapies training... all to create a wonderfully healing massage experience.

Cranial/Sacral Therapy
A gentle, powerful approach to addressing cranial bones, connective tissues, cranial fluid dynamics and nervous system health and function. Known for reducing pain and releasing restrictions in these systems, this treatment helps the body's own intelligence build optimal health while enhancing immune function and reducing stress and anxiety.

Lymphatic Drainage
A gentle, specific technique to enhance the movement of lymphatic fluid throughout the body. This promotes repair and nourishment of injured tissues as well as supporting the function of the whole Lymphatic system (60% of your body fluids!) Wonderful for treating Edema (swelling), Sprains and Strains, Dietary or Environmental allergic congestion, Breast Health, and overall improvement of body function. Everyone should discover the wonderful benefits of Lymphatic Drainage!

Essential Oils/ Raindrop Technique
I use high quality essential oils to aide and promote a healing and cleansing response in the body. Aromatherapy massage includes the signature massage, made even better with the addition of individually selected essential oils specially for you. Raindrop Therapy is a deep cleansing treatment, incorporating massage and lymphatic modalities as well as the application of therapeutic oils over the spine/nervous system and on the feet and leg meridians. A hot towel pack over the back and spinal stretches complete this amazing session.

Ancient laying of hands healing practice. Reiki is profoundly relaxing and nourishing to the body, promoting deep repair and renewal.

Ozone Steam
Ozone infused steam sauna for deep cleansing and oxygenating. Chelation of heavy metals and pathogens combined with the hot steam allows the body to sweat out destructive elements. Come out feeling clean and refreshed.
Jocelan Coty
Mansons Landing  
Phone: 250-203-2643