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General News · 9th May 2015
Dean Bennett
Anyone have any thoughts on sharing in the upcoming Fare Thee Well Grateful Dead shows

My name is Dean Ė Iíve been spending a good deal of the last year and a half on Cortes and its been an amazing gift to my life. Iíve met many great new friends and hope to meet more. Circumstances have brought me to the city for the past couple of months, however Iím looking forward to soon getting back to where my heart seems to be pulling me again Ė which is back to Cortes.

But thereís one thing, a big thing, thatís happening the last weekend in June and the first in July thatís got me a bit confused as to whatís my next move Ė The Fare The Well Grateful Dead shows in SF and Chicago. The Grateful Dead have been a huge part of my life over the last 25 years and I really want to share with other deadheads, and the people who love them, in this exciting and bittersweet occasion of these reportedly last shows with the remaining Core Four all together.

I havenít managed to get tickets for either venue, due to the odds and the big demand, however Iím still contemplating breaking the bank, shrugging responsibility, and getting myself down to SF for this lifetime event.

But Iím also thinkingÖ

Because the shows are going to be broadcast pay per view, and I know there are number of Deadheads on the island, Iíve met a couple now and hope to meet more Ė Do you think we could do something like organize the show(s) in the hall on a screen with a projector, or outdoors with a screen and sound system and grass to dance on somewhere?? I think it could be amazing and would LOVE to be apart of something like that. If there were others who were into it Iíd totally and definitely be able to be a big part of a team to help organize such an event. Iím not too familiar with Quadra but am sure the Dead reached there too and the event could be advertised ďoverseasĒ if it was suitable to the space. Iíd like to be apart of what could be amazing, fabulous, inclusive event like this to celebrate together how the Grateful Dead have touched our lives, and most importantly, what a long strange trip itís been together.

So the last shows of this scale, with all remaining members are to be in Chicago on July 3rd, 4th, 5th. Preceding them are the two shows in Santa Clara CA(Bay Area) CA on June 27th, 28th. Iíll buy the pay per view and help out in any way I can if it looks like itíll fly, with organization, setup, some costs etc. Iím hoping to be back on the island in June.

So, I just wanted to put this out there. In a perfect world Iíd still love to get down to SF for a quick trip at the end of June (and if anyones driving down and has space and wants company and sharing in the costs Iíd love to join you), and also hear and experience the Chicago run July 3,4,5 Ė or at least the end date July 5th - in a beautiful celebration together somewhere on Cortes.
Any thoughts Ė please email me at or cell 778 706 2210

Peace and smiles,