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General News · 1st April 2015
Nancy Beach
I heard there was a contact site within the Cortes website, but I could not find it there. So, I'm left to wait for the Cortescommunityforestpartnership website, (inter-active?), to be up & running about one week before logging is expected to begin. It seems that doesn't give much time for feed-back, (especially since I expect most of the preparation for that logging would likely be in place by then).
So, my concerns are (1) that I don't understand what the rush is to begin logging this spring, since the partnership is not in debt. I can see the enthusiasm to "begin", but I'm not convinced that outweighs the need for caution here. (2) I've been thinking more about the nesting bird issue since the meeting. I, for one, would not feel good about a single eagle's, murelet, or hummingbird's nest being destroyed, for starters. I don't know what the likely count for the various bird nests would be in that proposed area, but I've heard that our precious bird, including hummingbird, populations have been drastically reduced in recent years, & I see no point in increasing that, rather than waiting for nesting period to be over by next fall. John Marlow brushed off "the community's main concern about nesting birds" as insignificant. But, on what basis? If it is simply because they plan to log a relatively small percentage of the community forest, that doesn't address whether that is a rare eagle or murrelet nesting site, etc. It also doesn't address the logging noise disturbing surrounding nest sites & animals reproducing in spring.
(3) Dumping logs in the Gorge Harbor could result in bark from the logs creating toxins too great for shellfish there to withstand. I hear the bark on logs in the spring is looser and more likely to create such a problem.
(4) If trees cut beside neighboring properties, such as Odette's, could create a wind tunnel which could put those neighbors' trees at risk of being blown down, then what is to prevent such a wind tunnel from blowing down trees on the reserve, or trees in any other direction abutting the wind tunnel? Perhaps the wind directions need to be studied in this area, etc.
(5) Bees are another critical issue at this defining moment in history. And, so are frogs, not to mention climate change. So, delay rather than rush could make more sense.
And, these are simply examples of issues which should likely be addressed in a community-included over-all management plan, before logging begins. Others could include unmentionable issues in relation to Island Timberlands, for example. After all, this forest is Odette's children's playground. They love it. Her baby, Harvest, was so at peace there he slept while being carried by strangers throughout the walk. So, please harvest carefully, in due time, Harvest's "favorite place"!
Thank you!