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General News · 28th August 2014
Charles Cox
It has been an amazing summer for Capoeira on Cortes! Classes began at the start of June and have seen scores of people come through, from ages 3 to 69! I feel very blessed to have been able to offer classes to Cortesians and guests, and have witnessed tremendous development, especially in the youngest students. Students have learned about the basic elements of the martial art and dance, and eagerly put the skills and traditions into practice. Indeed, the students on Cortes have embodied an ideal mix of diligence, perseverance, commitment, heart and personal expression towards this unique art form.

My original idea was to continue offering classes throughout the winter, as Cortes has generously provided the means for me to do so. However, life happens quickly sometimes, and when opportunity knocks it's important to listen. I have been invited to live in Brazil this winter, quite close to the home of Capoeira Salvador, Bahia where I will have the chance to train with some of the most famous and skilled masters alive today. I regret that I will not be offering classes throughout the winter, as Capoeira has been so well-received and earnestly practiced during these past few months, and I implore all my previous students to continually practice until I return again to teach in the Spring.

But there is very good news for those students who wish to continue to train. Capoeirista Nativo (Arnaud), my most advanced student and resident of Cortes, will be offering classes to all ages throughout the Fall and Winter here on our island. His understanding of the art form surpasses many students I have come across, and with his skills as an educator and his heart and commitment to Capoeira, I feel grateful that such a person can continue to teach the students who so fervently took to this martial art and dance. Classes will begin on October 6th at the same times at Mansons Hall (look to the tideline soon for details).

When I am gone, I wish for all of my former students to continue to practice, together on their own, and in class with Arnaud. I would like to see the students who came to classes week after week to carry on the momentum and continue to grow within this special art form. When I return, I would like to see all the improvements made, stronger gingas, louder singing, and practice with the instruments. Capoeira isn't about winning and losing, it's not about fighting or violence. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art and dance with a deep tradition in both the art form and personal development. When I return to this wonderful island next Spring, I want to see the students who put so much time and commitment to learning having benefited from the chance to grow as a person, as an individual part of a community, and as a Capoeirista. The artform is intelligent, it is beautiful, and it is a gift from the slaves who fought their oppressors using the art and magic that is Capoeira. May the aspiring Capoeiristas on Cortes continue to learn and grow in the tradition and benefit from its gifts. Until next Spring....

Best wishes,

Charles Cox
(Instructor Minhoca)