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General News · 30th June 2014
Wendy Legare
Still considering the SRD acquisition of property called 'Whaletown Commons' ?
fyi - Comparative Assessments and Taxes throughout the District for 2014. Approximate populations are from other sources and may vary.

Average Assessed Home - Average Household Property Tax*

(~ approx.population)

- Sayward Village (350): $ 90,006.00 - $20.72

- Gold River (1300): $95,753.00 - $16.41

- Tahsis (850): $68,324.00 - $11.98

- Zeballos (180): $63,705.00 - $13.56

- Campbell River (43,000): $260,971.00 - $213.40

- Partial Electoral Area A (1380):
Kyuquot/ Nootka : $112,023.00 - $94.29
Sayward: $191,313.00 - $416.69

- Area B : Cortes (1,000): $344,953.00 - $732.61

- Area C ( 2500): $302,428.00 - $360.68

-Area D (4800): $296,115.00 - $1,339.03

-based on a typical residential property

Area B is distinguished by the highest averaged home assessment and second highest averaged household property Tax Rates in the District.

Federal and Provincial Parks are supported by millions of taxpayers. A far cry from ~ 750 Cortes landowners responsible for funding the proposed ~70ac. green space that the regional district will own. I must be mistaken about this business of Cortes lands in Cortes hands.

Tho an asking price from the same owner isn't out yet, ponder a 600-700 acre green playground for cherubs in Carrington Bay, really not in any downtown area. Nonetheless, the beautious attributes of Carrington and it's lagoon are in closer proximity to north and easterly Cortes populations, say than to our southerly neighbours in the banana belt where charitable donations are rumoured to grow on trees.

We don't all aspire to the same values that can put some mortals on a pinhead with the angels. There just wouldn't be enough room for everybody. Imagine the space taken up by the unfolding of wings tucked in for too long, signage, trails, the jostling and crowding away from the edge so no one tumbles off. But the view must be something and I'll bet you can actually see Russia from there.
For folks still mired in the mundane, here are ebb and flow dates for this week:
July 1 - It's Canada Day up Canada way..
July 2 - Property taxes due
July 5 - Farewell and thank you CCCredit Union Staff, and Dale Henderson for recent assistance.