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General News · 10th May 2014
Come to SEAFEST on Saturday and enjoy seafood favourites & new oyster dishes.
Spectacular Seafood - Live Entertainment - Dessert and Craft tables

Come early, stay late! Enjoy the music, the food, the people and visit with friends.
Fantastic live entertainment: Dannielle Arcand and friends, Andy Vine, Laurel Bohart, Larry Hanson and friends, Stefano Perdisa

See you tomorrow at Seafest!

11:30 until 4:00 Gorge Harbour Marina Tickets $20.00
(includes choice of soft drink or oyster shooter)

…also invited

The Sun Goddesses Amaterasu (Japan), Arinna (Syrian), Hepa (Hittite), Shemesh (Ugarit) and Sunna (Norse). The Sun Gods Apollo (Greek), Freyr (Norse), Garuda (Hindu), Helios (Greek), Huitzilopochtli (Aztec), Hvar Khshaita (Iranian/Persian), Inti (Inca), Liza (West African), Lugh (Celtic), Mithras (Iranian/Persian), Ra (Egyptian), Sol Invictus (Roman), Surya (Hindu), Tonatiuh (Aztec) and Utu (Mesopotamian).

Thanks for sending good thoughts to welcome their arrival.