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Darshan Stevens
Transpersonal Holistic Counselling

Darshan is trained as a Transpersonal Therapeutic Counsellor through Clearmind Institute. She works from a trauma-informed, somatic and holistic perspective — believing that our body, mind, and spirit are intrinsically connected and in constant communication with each other.

Her approach is that we carry healing resources, and an innate wisdom and inclination to move towards wholeness and well-being. As you work with her, you will foster and expand innate resources, while also uncovering stumbling blocks in the way.

If you have a current struggle you are coming into therapy with, you will explore the underlying explicit and implicit beliefs. We will then inquire into these beliefs and trace them back to their origins.

Creating a safe, strong, gentle, container together is the key component of her practice. There will be a focus on mindfulness and tracking sensations in the body, in conjunction with loving kindness towards ourselves.

Email Darshan:

Available for in-person sessions at Potlatch Road location: Friday-Monday

Available for online Sessions: Tuesday-Thursday

Darshan Stevens, RTC # 2506
Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada

"Psychology without spirituality is arid and ultimately meaningless, while spirituality without grounding in psychological work leads to vanity and illusions."

- from Understanding the Enneagram, by Don Riso and Russ Hudson.
Darshan Stevens
Manson's Landing  BC  V0P 1K0