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CF boundaries - see attachment for higher res.
General News · 10th April 2014
CFOP Planning - Corry Dow

Whether you have been an active participant in the community-based development of the Community Forest Operating Plan (CFOP), or you are waiting to see what comes out at the end, here are some community forest facts that you may find helpful:

What is the Cortes Community Forest?
The Community Forest on Cortes is composed of areas of forested Crown lands on Cortes Island whose tenure has been awarded to the Cortes Forestry General Partnership (CFGP) under a Community Forest Agreement (CFA). (see map – Community Forest area in green).

What is the CFGP and how long is the tenure?
The Cortes Forestry General Partnership is a legal entity created expressly for the purpose of securing a Community Forest Agreement (CFA) on Cortes Island. The two partners are Cortes Community Forest Co-operative (CCFC) and Klahoose Forestry No. 2 Limited Partnership (KF2LP). Both partners have invested equally and will be active in governance of the general partnership as well as management of the CFA tenure.

The tenure is for 25 years, and is renewable.

What is the Community Forest Agreement (CFA) and how does it work?
The CFA is an agreement between the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Forestry, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO) and the CFGP. Under the agreement the CFGP must pay the province an annual rent plus a fee for trees cut within the community forest, called stumpage. In return the CFGP has the right to cut and sell timber from the community forest area. “Community forests are subject to the provisions of the Forest and Range Practices Act. The tenure also grants (the CFGP) the ability to manage for water, recreation, wildlife, and viewscape resources. Community Forest Agreement holders have stewardship responsibilities that include strategic and operational planning, inventory maintenance, and reforestation.”

A Community Forest Agreement differs from other forest tenures in that it is managed by a group that lives in that community rather than a company that may hail from elsewhere. “Decisions made at the local level are, by definition, “locally appropriate” and provide incentives to consider the long-term benefits of sustainable management.”

The Cortes CFA was issued based on the application that the CFGP submitted to the MFLNRO – to see this application, and the CFA itself, go online to

For more information on BC's community forests see the The Community Forest Guidebook II at:
Biodiverse Crown Land next to Whaletown Commons
Comment by oliverk on 11th April 2014
Hey Corry:

There are at least a few of parcels of Crown Land of significant biodiversity value that weren't allocated to the Community Forest. I am thinking specifically of the parcel adjacent to what we call the Whaletown Commons. It contains important riparian habitats and forest composition not well represented elsewhere on Cortes, including a very wet maple swamp with very diverse bryophytes/epiphytes. The Whaletown Commons trail loops through this property and it has a high community use value. Can you shed some light on why this wasn't included in the Community Forest? Also there is another Crown property on the south shore of the extreme western part of the Gorge, which also seems to have been omitted. It is adjacent to Channel Rock and likewise has high biodiversity and community use potential.. Thanks for keeping us up to date.. O.