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General News · 10th December 2013
Many thanks to all who made the Whaletown Christmas Bazaar a great success, first and foremost to Peggy Kirk, without whom the event would not be possible, and to Mae Sherwood who has honed the kitchen team to perfection over the years.
And everybody else----
Friday night setup; Peggy Kirk, Gary Fast, Rose Wooldridge, Izzy Ruthenburg, Gabriel Dinim, Kira Dinim, Alice Goss, Fiona Hansed, Hannah Hansed, Eilish Hansed, Grace Hansed, Keith Muir, Elisabeth Jaeger, Susanne Muir, Rick Boas, Jan Boas, Rod Lee, Karen Lee, Ray Grout, Diane Daly, Wendy Legare, Nora Disney, Gillian Fast.
Saturday Volunteers;  Gillian Fast, who was responsible for pulling the kitchen together,
Peggy Kirk, Karen Lee, Peter Henbury, Amy Bockner, Jim Kearney, Ray Grout, Carol Cardew, Alice Goss, Rod Lee, Rick Boas, Gabriel Dinim
With the exception of Rick, Rod and Gabriel, everyone else worked in the kitchen.
Ray and Gabriel were responsible for thawing out our frozen pipes.  Rick and Rod did an emergency run for paper cups, plates and bowls which Bertha kindly supplied from her Deli stock because with no water we couldn't wash dishes.  Rod supplied a space heater & extension cord for the port-a-potty which got transferred to another critical water spot once the water was running and the indoor toilet was available.
Thanks also to those who volunteered to work in the kitchen whose help was not required.
The quality of the crafts and the beauty of the displays was exceptional.
As always it was a great day and a wonderful community party.