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General News · 14th November 2013
Cortes Literacy Outreach
If music is a universal language, it's helpful to learn your ABCs. In this workshop series, sponsored by Cortes Literacy Outreach, you are invited to learn the fundamentals of music reading - great tools for learning new music and communicating with other musicians.

In the first 2-hour class, we'll work with basic rhythm notation. By reading rhythms from the page, and practicing writing down what we hear, we'll get comfortable with understanding different time signatures and how to hear and read rhythmic patterns within the stable framework of each common metre.

Our sight-singing workshop will focus on understanding the basics of the system of pitch and its notation in Western music, and being able to sing written music. We'll learn how clefs and key signatures work, and how to orient ourselves within a key to give us a start on sight-singing accurately.

In the keyboard workshop, we'll see how the system of major and minor scales is laid out visually on the piano keyboard, learn to identify notes on the musical staff, and pick up basic memory-helpers for each clef. We'll also learn scales and try playing in a few different keys, and find out how to transpose music from one key to another.

For the last workshop session, we'll learn the basic chords on guitar, and discuss the method of building chords up the fretboard. We'll touch on how to arrange those chords into a composition. Participants will walk away with knowledge that should kickstart their exploration of guitar.

All sessions are free to attend. Donations will be accepted and will benefit Cortes Literacy Outreach.

The first three sessions are with Tamara SunSong.

Sunday, Nov. 17
12 - 2 pm Session 1: Basic Rhythm Notation*
3 - 5 pm Session 2: Sight-Singing and Voice

Saturday, Nov. 23
10 am - 12 pm Session 3: Piano Keyboard
(Please bring a keyboard if you have one or can borrow one!)

The fourth session is with Graeme Bousada.

Sunday, Nov. 24
1 - 3 pm Session 4: Guitar
(Please bring a guitar if you have one or can borrow one!)

* Please attend the first session, if you would like to attend any of the others, as the later sessions will build of knowledge gained in the first session.

All sessions will be held at the Linnaea Farm school. It is important that you RSVP by calling Susanna at (250) 935-0347, or emailing, as this will give us a sense of numbers, and which room we will use.

Look forward to seeing you there!