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General News · 20th November 2013
HomeGrown Series 2014

In a season of big changes to the management of my garden, I feel blessed by the summer that has passed. If we had received months of gloomy skies and rain, it might have been well enough to crush my spirit and give up farming and growing food all together. Growing food is a roller coaster ride within the parameters of a natural system on the euphoric market garden journey. Revitalized by change, charged by the sun and so encouraged by your response to the HomeGrown series in 2013, I will be offering it again in the spring of 2014. It felt good to share my love of cultivation and compost with neighbours and fellow gardeners. If you’d like to grow more of your own food or seek a better understanding of how to encourage and maintain an ecosystem that feeds you, this class is for you.

The classes are arranged with lessons to guide you through the tasks and practices that need to be addressed in the garden, seasonally. Each class will start with a presentation on the day’s topic, followed by questions and than a walk through the production garden. Bring your questions and an open mind and we should be able to leverage my experience as an instructor and market gardener against your desire to learn to grow more food.

This time around the HomeGrown program is a leaner and livelier six part series, starting with a class that grounds us in place while laying out the steps to achieve the garden you envision reconciled with the time you have for it. Phenology helps us time the planting of the garden by observing the subtle hints that nature offers along the way. Class two takes a look at how we can extend the growing season and the conditions seeds need for success.

Rotations and Cultivation will be looked at next and are two practices that must be understood to have long-term success in the garden. Compost making and getting to know the soil are at the heart of good ecological agriculture and will be discussed in class four. Pests and weeds are just plants and creatures in places you don’t want them; eating things intended for you. In class five we will learn to move towards prevention and good garden management, working with nature and not against it. Year round cropping is the best part of a coastal garden, fresh food from the garden all year. The trick is that the sowing of the fall and winter garden is when the need for irrigation and maintenance begins to grow, just like the longer days of spring. We’ll look at this balance of water and the succession of planting in the garden through all seasons in the sixth and final class.

The whole series taken from beginning to end offers the fullest and most complete chance of transplanting the ideas and observations from the classes into success at home. Again this year space is limited, so sign up now! For more information check out our website: or call (250) 935-6747.

So that’s that! I look forward to the opportunity next season offers. Thank you and have an abundant fall and a restful winter.

Adam Schick

2014 HomeGrown Series Sign Up Sheet

HomeGrown class takes place Saturdays from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm at the Linnaea Farm Education Center

$30 per class – please check classes you will be attending

o March 1st – Sense of Place, Planning, Phenology

o March 15th – Season Extension & Seeds

o March 29th – Rotations & Cultivation

o April 5th – Soil & Compost

o April 19th – Pests & Weeds

o May 3rd – Year Round Cropping & Irrigation


o Full series with Linnaea Farm Society Membership - $140


o Full series with out membership - $180



Phone #:



Amount included: $

Please send Cheques payable to:
Linnaea Farm
Box 209
Manson’s Landing, BC
V0P 1K0
Attn: Tamara