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General News · 24th September 2013
Interesting article by Mike about the 'Beasley?Beesley' mystery. It could easily be a simple spelling error. The streets signs never appeared on Cortes until after the advent of the Ferry, so a mistake would be easy to make that far after the fact. There are probably others; certainly some place names are in error - Whaletown for one. It used to be Whaleton Bay, and was changed, undoubtedly by cartographer's error, in (I believe) the 1920's. The Subtle Islands are another case in point; they used to be Sutil. These things happen, and the origin of the mistake gets lost in the mists of time. (Other place names are 'local' and never get on a map or chart at all - Blind Creek, Thank God Point, Mary Island - as older generations are replaced by newer ones, these names get lost too).