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General News · 7th July 2013
… a special addition preceding the July 13/14 BioBlitz! weekend event

Moss and Lichen BioBlitz of the Whaletown Commons
Thursday July 11, 2013 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Meet at Commons Central; located immediately off of Whaletown Road at the entrance to the Whaletown Commons.

Instructors: Dr. Lalita Calabria, Dr. Daphne Stone, Mr. John Villella, Ms. Shana Gross, Mr. Gregory Eide and Ms. Lillian Hynson

Have you ever wondered about the diversity of bryophyte-mosses, hornworts and liverworts- and lichens that drape from the trees and carpet almost every inch of the forest floors of Cortes Island? Mosses and lichens are ecologically important organisms that contribute greatly to our local biodiversity and nutrient cycling and provide habitat and nesting material for microbes, insects, birds and mammals. Please join us for a one-day moss and lichen extravaganza with the goal of creating a list of lichen and bryophyte species that occur in Whaletown Commons. The event will include the following activities:

1) A moss and lichen walk led by a team of expert lichenologists and bryologists. Learn to identify the common mosses and lichens in our local Island forests.

2) A two-hour sweep of a standardize survey plot within Whaletown Commons to create a detailed species list of both mosses and lichens growing on trees, rocks and forest floor.

This event is free and all are welcome to participate and learn more about our local bryophyte and lichen communities here on Cortes Island. This event is generously sponsored by Friends of Channel Rock and The Tula Foundation. For more information please contact: Lalita Calabria; 250 935 6342 or Sabina Mense ( 250 935 6467

More info on the Whaletown BioBlitz: