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General News · 20th June 2013
Gabriel Dinim
I think that mister George Creek is missing the point of Jim Abraham and Noba Anderson's position. The issue is not whether they approve the development or not, I do not believe either of them has taken an official position on this. The issue is one of respect for the Klahoose nation, and the ingrained racist views which sees First nations as not capable of a civilized debate on their home turf.
Why on earth would anyone feel intimidated by going to a meeting at the Klahoose Hall. That fear of speaking on First Nation Territory needs self examination and not encouragement.
The issue is where will George Creek express his opinion, not what his opinion or that of others are. By deliberately encouraging a regressive mentality the SRD board has already skewed the debate by granting the Klahoose Nation the status of unfriendly ground.
What a missed opportunity for mutual discovery.