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General News · 13th June 2013
Rose Bockner
no offense meant to my comrades, friends and neighbors with different ideas than my own.

but i must speak my truth

cortes has always had roadsides with long wild grasses, wildflowers, some planted and some free, i long to plant lupines and enjoy the buttercups, foxgloves and many other flowers as i walk down the road. but now i fear they will be mowed down, these so called weeds, wild flowers. they lend a magical beauty.

lately i have noticed that people are mowing the sides of the roads, outside their property lines. of course within one's own land one has the right to mow as much grass down as they wish. but beyond that line, it seems sad to me to see the wildness of flowers and grasses that speaks to the beauty of cortes. the unkempt and the magic of wildness.

If one wishes to live in a mowed suburban landscape then one should...but not bring it to this place of beauty, where for generations the roadsides were allowed to grow their colourful beauty so freely.

even in front of one's property, especially one you are selling, i understand, but as far as the rest of the roads i do not understand except perhaps it is fun to ride a mower.

again, i can imagine people won't like to hear this, but i want to plant lupines to grow for generations and i am afraid that you will mow them down.

thanks for listening.