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General News · 6th May 2013
Alma and Angelica
Hello! We are the Youth board for the Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society. We started meeting in March 2013, and we have been having regular meetings ever since.
Our goals are:
* to save the Children’s Forest
* to be part of the effort
* to raise money
* to be in the Children’s Forest
* to buy the Children’s Forest from Island Timberlands

Here is a list of agreements that we made on our first meeting about what it means to be part of the youth board. We will all:
• Make a commitment
• Care about the forest
• Inspire youth and others elsewhere
• Spread the word on the internet
• Be inclusive

Our first project is:


The winning logo will be used as the professional logo on all the official business related stuff!
The Board of Directors will keep submissions and have the right to use them for further projects in support of the Children’s Forest, like making them into cards.
The Board would also have the right to slightly modify the winning logo, if needed. But don’t worry; you still get all of the credit! ;)

TIMING: The logo contest will take place in May, with the final deadline for submissions being Friday, May 31, 6:00 pm. sharp
CONTESTANTS: Any Cortes youth, 21 years or younger.
The logo should:
1. Promote the topic of children and forests of Cortes Island
2. Be scalable - size needs to be legible for large and small applications; it needs to be shrinkable to a one-inch square
3. Have dimensions close to a square

4. Keep simplicity in mind - contrasting colours may be effective; fine detail & shading may be difficult to reproduce

5. Be reproducible in black & white

6. Any media may be used

7. Wording is optional, but if used must be one of the following:
Forest Trust for the Children
Children’s Forest

Please note that the logo(s) will need to be digitalized for future use.

SUBMISSIONS Please submit logos in an envelope with name, age, and contact info (phone, email, address) provided on the back of the artwork.
Submit to Christine Robinson or the Natural Foods Coop.

CONTACTS For more info, please contact Mira (6308), Alma (0235),
Kiera (6421), or Christine (6428).