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General News · 19th March 2013
Terri Storey
I want to make all co-op members aware of a project I have proposed.

On Tuesday, March 05, I sent the co-op board a plan and proposal, requesting to take over operations of the Bakery/café and open 6 days per week as of April 01, 2013. I am told that the board is circulating this plan and will be responding soon.

The project is a Bakery/café and an art experience for all on Cortes and open to everyone. Bakery/café (yet to be named) is a community art piece where witnessing the sharing of food, preparation of food, nourishment, consumption, care, community, and our culture(s), Cortes Island’s present and past, all come together. Energetic and experiential flow is created between people, food and happenings.
For years, I have gone back and forth between art and cuisine, now I see the opportunity to merge food (production, cooking, serving, enjoying) and art (works, projects, craft, performance, music, film).
This project will have an online presence, a magazine hosting some of the menus, events, happenings, discoveries, quests, poetry and writing (café journal and open to Cortes, creative fiction/non-fiction works).
The plan outlines the direction of the food and partnership. I am very excited about all the possibilities here and seek your creative contribution.

Any letters of support can be directed to the co-op board.

Bakery/café proposal

We have interest in sub-leasing the bakery/café from the co-op store. We are Terri Storey and Elisabeth Jaeger as primaries, with participation and assistance from guest artists, bakers and creative cooks, and hopeful of the participation of the Cortes community.

We would extend the hours and fine tune the menu to include a simple take-out daily breakfast and lunch. We see an opportunity for the Cortes Island community to be part of the transformation of this space into a place where food, culture, conversation, art, history, and craft are under one roof.

Nourishing food will be offered consistently. This will be regional, organic when available, seasonal and take into account the various demographics on Cortes. Our prices will be accessible to those with a low to moderate budget.

The intention is to work closely with the co-op, ordering and purchasing food through the co-op as well as developing relationships with and purchasing from local artisan producers. Our hope is to sell our packaged bakery/café items in the co-op, offering mutual opportunity to profit from the exchange. We envision an open, flowing, consistent and comprehensive relationship between the co-op and the restaurant entity.

We see that the co-op bakery/café has been operating at a financial loss or break even, creating strain on the co-op market and board.

Our intention is to sub-lease the bakery/café for the period of one year, and to keep the café running primarily as it has been and with its current staff. We would like to see what happens with the land purchase and septic situation before committing to a longer lease. We intend to inject $15,000 into the business, which we feel will be sufficient to cover initial expense, operations and cash flow.

We would like to meet with Eric and the co-op board and discuss the feasibility of this relationship.

Bakery/café business plan

Café (yet to be named), is a limited-seat take out bakery/cafe that focuses on offering quality, organic food in a casual and comfortable environment that services the community of Cortes Island. We wish to enunciate social engagement within our community by ensuring the existing café becomes the hub of the community. Small acts of beauty and contemplation assist to create a warm and welcoming environment that encourages Cortes Island locals and visitors to linger and participate in conversation. We work closely with the co-op, ordering and purchasing food through them as well as developing relationships with and purchasing from local artisan producers and sell packaged bakery/café items in the co-op. We have created a concept that will alter the perception of food and cafe by creating for the evolving and changing palette, and giving customers the opportunity to be aware of their sensory experience. We intend this project as a creative and social rejuvenation that will be witnessed in an on-line magazine and perhaps be recognized as a space for innovation, inspiration, and curiosity. We will employ local residents, work with the co-op and local farmers, and offer space for meetings of community interest.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday 10AM – 4PM
Evenings 6PM – 9PM for special events only

Summer (July/August):
Monday - Saturday 10AM – 9PM


Terri Storey – Owner / Operator / Artist / Design

Terri Storey has a background in restaurants, food product design and manufacturing, fine arts, photography and interior design. She has worked both in the retail and hospitality industries - often being utilized for her design and organizational abilities. Terri has found that through merging food, retail and art, she is able to utilize her creative abilities and intuitive business sense. Her interest in food has taken her to some of the top restaurants in North America. She recognizes that often, her favourites, and the favourites of the locals, are the locations that are obscure, risky, and always exciting. They challenge the principles of ‘smart’ business and approach dining with a theatrical appeal. The ability to go beyond convention adds to the intrigue of an experience – tantalising patrons with the familiar and the unexpected.

Elisabeth Jaeger – Owner / Operator / Artist / Design

Elisabeth believes that everyone is an artist and that we are all creating all the time, on one level or another. Elisabeth is delighted to throw her energy into this creative enterprise. Her background as an artist and arts promoter/facilitator includes her 2011 production "Edge of Eden" at her sunshine coast gallery, The Wheel (featuring 4 artists in 4 media as well as musicians and a food artist). She has traveled extensively and worked as a journalist, writer, environmentalist and as a visual artist and arts promoter, as well as an instructor in fine arts, music and non-visual/exotic modalities. She has experience in the service industry and commercial cooking.


Other interested parties have offered assistance and would like to get involved and contribute to this co-operative undertaking through contribution of artwork, cooking, and professional advice. Some islanders who have offered interest are: Joel Doyle, Kate Archibald, Jamal Hamou and Judy Williams. We will have participation from guest artists, bakers and chefs as part of our ongoing commitment to our guests to create a vibrant, innovative environment.


We will offer nourishing food consistently, serving the needs of our customers by offering breakfast, lunch and (when applicable), dinner items, giving Cortes Islanders the comfort of a place they can rely on outside of their homes. We will offer child friendly fare, items for seniors, vegetarian dishes and gluten free items.

We approach food with respect to tradition and with the heart of an artist. Through our discovery of flavours and textures in our geographical region, we feel it is imperative to use what is regional, organic when available, but always fresh, seasonal product that is globally conscious.

We aim to maximize social interaction by ensuring the quality of the food, beverage and conversation is prolonged throughout hours of the day. Our prices will reflect the quality of the food and will be accessible to those with a moderate budget, and there will be specific items on the menu that will address the needs of those of more limited financial means.

All food served will be of the freshest of ingredients. To ensure none of this great food goes to waste, all leftover soup, bread, curries and bakery items will be packaged and labelled under the café name and sold at the co-op. This will give customers the opportunity to have access to café items outside of café hours, and allow the co-op store to profit share in the items from the bakery/café.

We believe that the process of seeing, smelling, tasting food has an energetic effect that increases the sensory experience of food and offers a sense of wellbeing. The daily changing menu is created to balance the psychological experience of dining and the physiological relationship to food. The cooks will enjoy cooking and experience creative flow with the opportunity to choose their menu based on available ingredients.

Menu plan

Daily juice
Bread of the day
Breakfast: 2 Baked items + 1 Desert
Egg item
Snacks: 3 Items
Lunch: Salad
2 – 4 Small and very simple side items
Sample menu * the following items are reflective of what one chef might select for one day’s menu.

Friday, March 02
Barista: Jasmine
Food: Terri

Fresh juice: Carrot, beet, ginger, apple, lemon

Bread of the day: Rustic rye bread

Breakfast: Blueberry bran muffin
Raisin scone
Granola w/ almond milk
Quiche w/ spinach and feta

Snack items: Raspberry bar
Chocolate clad cookie
Oatmeal raisin cookie

Lunch: Kale salad w/ fennel, radish and ricotta
Ancho chili sun dried tomato spread w/ rye toast
Sandwich: Turkey, arugula, cucumber, avocado, onion, Dijon, on Rye
Sandwich is grilled with option for vegetarian.
Soup: Chicken noodle

Before/After: Chocolate cake

Little sides: Applesauce
Yoghurt with honey
Toasted cashews
Avocado half with lemon, cayenne, olive oil and sea salt

Feature: Manson’s tea party
Afternoon tea served with Petite sandwich, cookies and cake
Service to 2 or 4 people


The limited company name we intend to operate under is Ukko conscious foods ltd., a company registered by Terri Storey in 2008. We are aware of the co-op initiative to purchase the land and repair the septic. We are informed of the cafés limited licensing and seating capacity. We are aware that the probability of land purchase and septic repair are unlikely to fall within this one year time period. We support purchase of the land and repair of the septic field and will encourage conversation on the subject within the café. We will continue to operate the bakery/café within the limited capacity of the current license.

Business intention

The café has been operating at a loss or at best a break even. We have no expectations that the café will be able to operate at a profit, especially with extended hours. The intention of this project is to operate as close to a profit margin as we can.


We would like to sub-lease the bakery/café at a rate that reflects the extra cost of pumping and maintenance of the septic over the next several months.

Long-term goal

When the land deal has been secured and the septic system repair, we wish to engage in a conversation around increasing café/bakery production and increasing the length of our lease term.

Market Segment

Our customers are looking for a quality product that can be enjoyed within a casual, yet sophisticated environment while feeling confident knowing that they are contributing to a larger social context and their own good health. We are aiming to attract people of all types, ages and size living on Cortes and appeal to international travellers and part-time residents who are passionate about food, want to connect with the community, and enjoy the luxuries of time out with friends.

Advertising and Promotion

Once our project is established, we will send out a press release to interested food and art critics. All print based material will support the Cortes Island community as well as participating chefs and creators. Our café will have a comprehensive website and we will advertise on the Cortes Island Tideline and in the Cortes Island weekly flyer.

Budget estimate

We have $15,000, an amount expected to cover initial food costs and any losses through labour over the next year. We intend to apply for grants and funding where applicable and to access volunteer and student services wherever we can to help recoup our initial investment. Our goal is to recoup our initial investment and have the bakery café operating at a break-even capacity.

Balance Sheet

Starting balance Year 1

Total current assets 15000 8870

Cash 13000 5750
Accounts receivable 0 3120
Inventory 2000 0

Total capital assets 15000 8870

Income Statement

Year 1

Revenues 167400
Cost of goods 63730

Gross margin 103670

Marketing 1600
Property 19200
Operating 7000
Administration 3400
Wages 76600

Net profit - 4,130

Monthly cash flow statement

Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2014 2014 2014

Cash Inflows
Cash receipts 7,280 10,820 15,060 22,330 24,700 19,170 12,740 10,580 10,400 10,400 10,400 10,400

Total cash inflows

Cash Outflows

Direct cost of sales 4995 4912 7045 9130 8635 6137 4336 3840 3840 3840 3840 3180
Marketing assumpt 500 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Property assumptions 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600
Operating assumptions 1500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500
Administ. assumptions 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250
Wages assumptions 5300 5300 6600 10500 10500 6600 5300 5300 5300 5300 5300 5300

Total cash outflows 14145 12662 14795 22080 21585 13887 12086 11590 11590 11590 11590 11330

Cash flow

Cash increase/decrease -6865 -1842 -1035 250 3115 3983 654 -1010 -1190 -1190 -1190 -930
Beginning cash balance 13000 6135 4293 3258 3508 6623 10606 11260 10250 9060 7870 6680
Closing cash balance 6135 4293 3258 3508 6623 10606 11260 10250 9060 7870 6680 5750