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$10 eBook, $20 paperback
General News · 11th January 2013
Carrie Saxifrage
Extract: The Pipeline Wars Vol. 1 Enbridge

Please support this effort by once and future Cortes Islanders! Carrie Saxifrage and Tzeporah Berman are contributors, and Linda Solomon produced the book as Editor in Chief of the Vancouver Observer. It’s available on the VO website.

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The book is about the controversy about oil sands pipelines including:
• First Nations testimony: read their own words on their essential connection to traditional territory;
• Jobs and growth: get the deconstructed facts on the Enbridge's oft quoted numbers;
• US Chamber of Commerce: listen in to their pep talk to Canadian oil and gas executives;
• The Harper government: read about their combat against science-based foundations;
• Wild salmon economy: hear about the people who depend on the wild salmon economy of the north;
• Insider's moving tale: delve into a first hand account of the power of oil from the son of an oil executive;
• Climate damages: last but not least, get informed about the climate impacts that B.C. will either prevent or enable, at a point in history when humanity hovers on the precipice of runaway climate change.
• The really big story: together the chapters tell a story that, in the words of best selling author William Pitt, "is not just about British Columbia, but about the world."

The Tyee "The Vancouver Observer's new e-book is the result of one year's in-depth reporting by a team of VO journalists, and is written in an easy to read, engaging, and fluid style that grips from the first lines as its opening chapters flash between people living in Northern Gateway's path and big oil executives planning it out."

Bill McKibben, climate activist and founder "This is one of the greatest stories underway on the planet—the effort to wrest vast quantities of the dirtiest energy on earth from beneath Canada's boreal forests, and the even greater and far more beautiful effort to stop them. The stakes—the health of the planet's climate—simply couldn't be higher. Read this book. Extract does a great job of giving voice to some of the people on the front lines and giving you the information you need to engage in the debate."

David Suzuki, environmentalist and David Suzuki Foundation founder "We need information and hard facts to make thoughtful, forward-thinking decisions that reverberate long into the future. Here’s a book that cuts through the self-interested rhetoric of climate deniers and the fossil fuel industry."

William Pitt, Truthout editor and New York Times bestselling author "Extract: The Pipeline Wars is a terrifying tour-de-force that opens a grim window on the future: this isnot just about British Columbia, but about the world. As the fossil fuel industry taps dirtier and dirtier sources of energy to maintain their supremacy, as more regions of the world are despoiled in the process, the downhill run to ultimate destruction lies plainly before us...unless it can be stopped. Extract: The Pipeline Wars tells us why, and how, this must happen. Excellent, important work."

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