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General News · 31st December 2012
Ken Hanuse
from Bradi Dueck: IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The founders and many of the organizers of Idle No More from Across Canada have been given word that the Leadership is calling for action in the name of Idle No More. They have also stated in a press release that they have met with Idle No More representatives that support this call. We would like to state that this is FALSE. The Chiefs have called for action and anyone who chooses can join with them, however this is not part of the Idle No More movement as the vision of this grassroots movement does not coincide with the visions of the Leadership. While we appreciate the idnividual support we have received from Chiefs and councelors, we have been given a clear mandate by the grassroots to work outside of the systems of government and that is what we will continue to do. We are not trying to have division amongst this movement! However Cheif Nepinak stated, "we are behind the grassroots people". Please let others know!!!!

I would also like to add, the face of the Idle No More people are you and I. The people who walk turtle island and the people who walk on this earth.

Idle No More began on Nov 10 at stations 20 west. The early stages of the movement consisted of 5 rallies before our national day of action on Dec. 10th. Chief Spence decided she would fast on that day as part of her action to support the Idle No More movement. It is very important this history is known. We are very greatful for Theresa Spences honourable and courageous support, we allso need to remember the face of Idle No More is also the grassroots people