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General News · 2nd December 2012
Mark Braaten
In our country we have a system of laws which govern our actions. We have developed these laws over a long period of time to satisfy certain interests and objectives. Sometimes these objectives conflict and laws are adjusted. We solve the conflict by appealing to a higher court. Sometimes even an entire system of laws gets out of balance and needs to be corrected. History is full of examples.

Here we have a multi-level system, municipal, regional, provincial and federal. Where one law ends another begins, its complex. Recently many people in the world, and also in this community, have been contemplating laws and there meaning, trying to understand how best to live with the laws we have created and how to adjust them when needed. In this process it is easy to lose perspective on how our laws fit into a bigger picture.

In our technological, political and economically driven world we can easily forget that we have learned everything we know from nature. For example, we didnít make gravity; we discovered that it exists, studied it and learned how to harness its power to our advantage in many ways, from generating hydroelectricity to putting satellites in orbit. We didnít create electricity, it already existed, and the intelligence inherent in its properties has enabled its use for so many amazing things. It is so fast subtle and powerful that it can be shaped into the incredible global telecommunications network through which we are communicating right now.

Ultimately all our laws are derived from the laws of nature. When our laws are in harmony with nature they harness the power of the universe and our lives are fulfilled. When our legal system doesnít seem to be working we can turn to nature to learn where we have fallen out of balance, and have some hope of restoring harmony. Our society needs humility, respect, and gratitude for all that nature has given us to maintain a healthy perspective of our position in the bigger picture. When arrogance, disrespect and greed take over it distorts perception and we create laws that are short sighted and out of balance with nature, then we feel compelled to lie in the bed that we have made.

I consider myself fortunate to have spent some time with first nations elders who have taught me about their ancient traditions. I am most fascinated by the way their people observed and learned from nature how to live, maintaining a balance in their society. I have much respect for the simplicity and humility of these cultures that allowed them to live in harmony with their natural environment for so long. We should not forget the value of their wisdom in our modern technologically fascinated world.

In a harmonious environment all life thrives, including our own. We now have the immense benefit of witnessing, studying and learning so much about the results of living out of harmony with the laws of nature and how to live better. Itís time to remember that it is we ourselves who have created the laws we live by. Itís is our responsibility to apply a new degree of collective maturity to bring the laws of our society back into balance with all of life. Itís time to appeal to the Supreme Court of Nature to guide us to a prosperous and fulfilling future.